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Young Dragonborn slaying a Dragon?

TheElderScrolls3 - Young Dragonborn slaying a Dragon?

"Has anybody managed to kill a dragon with a Young Dragonborn?"

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Asked another redditor long ago, replies included all kinds of wishes and suggestions about new keyword "immune to…", or giving "lethal against:" or double damage. Very swingy or not really elegant solutions. Instead, I'd love to hear what you guys think about using an ability we already have printed in the game: Ageless Automaton.

So new Dragonborn could say:

When Young Dragonborn attacks a Dragon, it gains +3/+0 and breakthrough this turn. When Young Dragonborn slays a Dragon, put a random shout into your hand.

Or to buff it slightly more and cut the word count:

When this battles a Dragon, it gains +3/+0 and breakthrough this turn. When this slays a Dragon, put a random shout into your hand.

Notice the "After you play a shout,…+1/+1…" is cut? It was way too boring and unoriginal on a card that has had potential to be loved and respected, instead it is bland and unplayable.

Furthermore, this can be adjusted to make it less random and more fun by adjusting the numbers and the secondary effect, like this:

+3/+1? or +3/+0 and ward this turn. When Young Dragonborn slays a Dragon, put a random shout of that attribute into your hand.

Notice that I am avoiding lethal. That would be too "swingy" or binary, something that our meta already has enough of. Speaking of which, and I know this is far fetched, but if we could rotate out or do a massive balance patch we could reduce the number of "Stop right there, you criminal scum, you violated the TES:L law, you tried to have fun" cards, and replace them with effects like this that come with a bonus once some effort is put into the tactic, that would be great.


Unconditional removals should come with a big cost! Not for free from a prophecy or for something as small as 4 mana (Edict). Unconditional removals of cards from player's hand and deck should not exist at all. And while we're at the things that should not exist at all: tri-color decks, but let's say away from that topic right now.

Something about myself: I love playing cards in all formats and one of my favorite card games is Whist. I am interested in game design, but only as hobby for now since I focused on art. I am playing TES:L from day 1 and I've hit legends many times. For me it isn't if you reach it, but how. Was it a net-decked aggro warrior grinding through whole month or a wanky trash deck you put together that revolves around that X card you love so much? This game needs to allow more of the latter.

  • Play Support Mage
  • Enemy Casts into time my Tower Alchemist or Cauldron Keeper
  • Concede

I would like to rant more about support removals as well (yes, I am trying to make a decent support deck ever since beta), but this is already going too far 😀 I'd love to hear your opinions and to one day see in-game if there's a special SFX or animation when she slays a dragon, preferably not a tiny one.

May your road lead to warm sands.

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