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Your “off-meta” PVP experience and what you have enjoyed most…

TheElderScrolls10 - Your "off-meta" PVP experience and what you have enjoyed most...

Hello all,

This post is to instigate discussion on two different issues. I am curious to know what all of your off-meta PVP build experiences have been (whether successful or NOT), in addition to asking you all a slight theory crafting question.

In regards to the latter, I apologize if this is an unfamiliar concept to many of you – but I have a serious problem trying to re-live Diablo 2 through this game LOL… I absolutely love ESO, but I also absolutely love (yes even to this day; it's only been a few months since I stopped playing PVP on US West) Diablo 2. For any of you who are familiar with Diablo 2 (especially the pvp side of things) then you already know what im talkin about once I bring it up; that being – Paladin builds, specifically smiter variants…

Long story short a smiter in D2 was a paladin who utilized a skill basically akin to "power bash" called smite; your smack shit w/ your shield. There were two main variants (1) being purely physical in which you just smacked mfers w/ your shield (similar to our 'Stam' in ESO), as well as (2) a 'hybrid' (yes I know I know… that usually isn't very productive in ESO) in which you utilize smite in close quarters, but when necessary you have some mana-based ranged abilities (Magicka in ESO; the hybrid D2 paladins were referred to as 'Vindicator/Templar' ) skills when you need them (in Diablo 2 it was 'Fist of Heaven' aka FoH).

Now aesthetically speaking I can imitate this quite well by utilizing a sorc. The "Mage's Fury" skill line and morphs is quite visually similar to the skill utilized in Diablo 2 I was referring to (FoH); and the execute attribute of this skill is quite similar to how FoH was used in D2… Once you got your opponent low on HP using 'smite' (Power Bash for ESO) your opponent would often try to run away, which is when the ranged FoH ability was most effective! It was also used as an "execute".


Now in all honestly I feel this is a total pipe dream but I haven't quite given up on trying my best to emulate this play style in ESO. I guess I told you THAT to tell (ask) you THIS: have any of you also chased a "pipe dream" like I am? Basically I build that is destined to not be very efficient/successful due to the current state of ESO? It is great to have some quote on quote "meta" or at least builds pvp builds that can actually KILL players and not be completely frustrating… However, I think with all the character slots we get (even standard w/o upgrading) we should have room for at least one "fun/non-meta" build hehe.

So I am sorry if that was long-winded and somewhat confusing to follow. Basically I would love to here any and all of your experienced w/ "non-meta" builds as well as why you decided to try them (such as my pipe dream trying to relive Diablo 2), as well as what was the ultimate take home experience you received from attempting such a build. In all honesty there are so many interesting set combinations in ESO that there are certainly some that are very effective that have yet to become "popular". These are what I should be pursuing. I am actually working on some of these but I keep having daydreams about the aforementioned Diablo 2 build haha (I struggle to keep it from distracting me from a 'realistic' build that is off-meta yet actually effective).

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