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Your Opinions on Animation Cancelling and Weaving?

TheElderScrolls12 - Your Opinions on Animation Cancelling and Weaving?

So, i have played this game thousands of hours. Have most of the gears, finished all vet content in all roles and i have leveled all 5 classes and played with them all. But still did 100x more pvp than pve both in cyrodiil vivec and battlegrounds and also a lot of duels. I can burst other players in a split second with animation cancelling, so i have mastered that, too. And i love everything about the game except the combat.

Right now, i am at the edge of quitting it. Because even though i can animation cancel and weave very good, i really hate doing it in pvp, i hate this thing called rotation, you just press the same buttons over and over in pve. And whenever this topic comes up, people always mention how animation cancelling adds skill to the game. Like how? I dont really get it. You just press light attack, ability and block to cancel animation. You do it 10000 times, then you do it perfect. I would rather have a combat with using either light/heavy attacks or abilities depending on situation. Also, without animation cancelling. Something similar to dark souls. And people call it "clunky". Why? Why shouldnt i see what my opponents do and have time to react to it instead of spamming shields or vigor like crazy? I try to convince myself so hard to continue playing but this combat system in general is a huge deal breaker for me and imo is not fun or even skillful (to an extent) at all.


I know my opinion is not the common opinion but i am curious about opinions of other people about this matter and if there are also people like me that really hate current combat system of ESO but have to do it just because there is no other way (especially in pvp).

Thanks in advance…

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