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Your very own, perfect magicka nightblade dueling build!!!

TheElderScrolls8 - Your very own, perfect magicka nightblade dueling build!!!

I'm looking for inspiration for a dueling build (1v1) that would compete against other top dueling classes, as well as could survive the infinite wing spams. What's written below can be ignored!!! Read at your own will 🙂

—-=———— Couple of my favorites in case any of the lurkers would like to try out. Malubeth/Valkyn are my top monster sets, pirate skeleton, Trollking and bloodspawn are very, very strong monster sets that I use when the skill level of the duelists require tryharding 😛

While my race is a dunmer and I get a nice chunk of Stamina, I still loathe shacklebreaker. All around good set which gives alot of utility and a little bit of damage, which is not really needed since magnb has more than enough damage to kill anything that doesn't have fingers 🙂

Alteration Mastery is another good set to combine with if you decide to run a different kind of food than witchmothers(for example tristat food or max HP mag food.) Insane ammounts of sustain, really recommend for players that want to learn the class.

Spinners – self explanatory, if you know you're fighting a heavy dude, there's little reason not to use free damage from everything you do. And if you're running a destro staff with elemental drain (piercing mark if you're melee magnb), you're basically fighting a naked man that has skills as defense :))) overexagerating, of course 🙂


War maiden – commonly used set that I have a lot of success with. Nothing much to say about it, right traits and gear slots (preferably weapon because you'll want a vma resto backbar with this bad boy) and you're good to go.

Seducers is also a good alternative to Alteration Mastery set. Very fun to use when both are paired with dual wield / resto or destro, but does not give enough effective results in higher end of the dueling scene. But fun nonetheless 😛 I see it being useful in IC if you do not like to be a bomber.

Torugs pact is a weird set that I had many flawless victories with, but as well as defeats due to poor resource managment. I do not feel like the set benefits a player that understands good portion of the games mechanics, rather I think it's a very beginner friendly set for BG's and very small scale pvp.

Necropotence – all I can say is that it's definitely stronger in 1vx scenarios, personally have little experience with it, but I'm sure that it's pretty strong with sword and shield builds.

Speaking of sword and shield – Armor Master and necropotence in full light is surprisingly strong. You do need tristat glyphs for stamina tho, but if you can get over the expensive costs of the build its very, very strong paired with an ice or Lightning master staff on the backbar for that cc and damage.

Interested in your unique, or perhaps not so unique ideas for a build. 🙂

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