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Greetings fellow warriors and mages of Tamriel. Im Lord Dagoth writing to you today because fellow warrior, friend and citizen of tamriel was victim of unfair judgment of glorious tribunal (Zenimax).

So my very good friend and guildie that i know for over 4 years already is in trouble and has his account banned. What happened was that his account was compromised alongside his email. And the person/persons that had his account in possession for few days made a pruchase on the account. So my friend with the help of glorious zenimax support managed to claim the account back providing (payment invoices that are 2/3 years old aswell as original physical copy of the game and his ID card to proof he is the original owner).

After few days the *scum* who had his account claimed it using only thing as proof is payment invoice that is 2 week old no more. And Zenimax permanently banned the account without any further investigation.


My friend was very sad and wrote various *polite* emails providing more information about the account to proove his Ownership but only thing he got as an answer was automated responses. After finding out about the situation me and my other guildies contacted zenimax too also made a forum post to clarify what happened and ask for help via fellow members of the community. But aparently zenimax is using the method that was used for many centuries in dictatorship countries and literally doesent reply to support tickets *numerous ones from different people* Deletes posts on ESO forums (they didnt even close it litterally erased any post related* Threat me and my guildies with ban on forums if we post that again. I asked my friend to make a post on reddit for the same sake. But instead of getting help from fellow players that wouldnt want to be in same situation my friend was misstreated harrased and disrespected by many community members. Which makes me very dissapointed in you guys! The same day moderators of this reddit removed the whole post that my friend made.

So i ask you were is freedom of speech that is granted to us as citizens and why are we silenced and ignored when it is litterally YOUR JOB Zenimax to provide us with any technical support.

I ask you warriors mages and citizens of tamriel to unite and help us get our feller back from oblivion.

If we will be silenced, ignored and disrespected again we gonna open a lawsuit towards zenimax online studios.

P.S. Im very sorry for my english it is not my native language.

Yours with Love Lord Dagoth

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