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So my friend and I have played ESO for years. Since about a year after its initial release. We have put a lot of time and effort into developing our guild. Paying to build it up. We had sponsored events and built a lot of great friendships.

Recently we have been busy both working in government and emergency services. COVID has not left us with a lot of time to play the game in the last few months. Unfortunately we work, the game has come second.

Somehow during this time – a person joined our guild and filed a ticket to have the guild master removed and him be placed as guild leader. His first act was to remove me from the group. He is now enjoying the free access to the guild bank and gold we had saved up for guild affairs. Literally his first act was to remove the guild assistant leader – sounds like he had good intentions, right?

My friend and I both placed tickets to get this issue corrected. Little did we know, Zenimax doesn't actually support its players – they support people who exploit the ticket system however.

I find it all very funny because multiple times in my replies with the support I am not told:

"we don't intervene with a guilds affairs"

They also felt that we should ask the thief kindly for the guild back:

"Please reach out to the current guild leader to see if they would relinquish it back."

If that's true, why did Zenimax actually give away the guild to a new player in the first place?

Let this be a lesson. Do not allow anyone but the guild leader to add new players. Don't trust Zenimax to care for its players.

Zenimax still has not replied to my friends ticket either. We found out only a few days ago that this had even happened.

Zenimax / ESO Support Ticket – Image

Guild Leaders Support Ticket

Update #1:


We checked and the new GM has been removing any rank in the guild with any abilities. All of the officers are being stripped of their abilities.

Former GM @ got an in game message 11 days ago asking for access to the guild bank from this player. I guess when he did not get it, he filled out a ticket asking to be made the new GM.

Update #2:

All the evidence you have asked for has to be deleted according to the Zenimax mod who runs this group.

According to this thread having the account names is "Naming and shaming" – so please don't ask for them or the thread will be removed again. Personally I think this is in line with what Zenimax is doing by allowing this person to get away with this. In order to keep the thread going I removed the names.

The mod for this Reddit also sent me this link: Link to Scientific American

Share this wherever you can please? If anyone can get some of the gaming sites involved it would be great!

TLDR: Zenimax has not implemented a quality system to pass down abandoned or inactive guilds. Anyone can fill out a ticket and claim the title of GM.

My friend and I were usurped from our guild by someone with no legitimate claim to the guild except wanting the bank so he can self level his skills and steal our gold.

We are looking to get Zenimax to setup a realistic line of succession in the game. We want the GM to be able to set the second in command to inherit the GM role and then the officers below them to have the option

A new player should never be able to milk a guild for resources like this. It's quite evident with banning the XO and removing officer ranks what this was for. Zenimax is entirely complicit.

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