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ZOS, can you please take care of the mat botting problem?

TheElderScrolls4 - ZOS, can you please take care of the mat botting problem?

I'm a fairly new player, and have just begun to start finding routes for material farming. A lot of people suggest the starter islands, due to the density of materials, etc. I found a real nice route on Bal Foyen and tried to do some circuits there.

However, I noticed that there are TONS of level 3 bots that are running around gobbling everything up before I can get to it. I'm confident that the majority of "players" I see farming the mats there were bots because they would run to empty nodes and sit there for like 30 seconds before running to another node (empty or not). There is a clear pattern to their behavior. What is odd is that I'm on PS4, I didn't even know you could create bots for console, but whatever.

So, I left and tried to find a more 'original' spot, and found a nice area in Craglorn (I assume due to nirncrux this is a very popular zone overall) to farm. After careful planning of a route, I see again there are still level 3 bots running around.

I have to call out ZOS here, they need to make some sort of effort to combat this problem. If bots continue to increase in the game, they will:

  • Take up server space, adding to lag
  • Inflate the economy with gold mats, causing the price to plummit for people who use this as a money making tool
  • Help facilitate real world trading


There are multiple things that can be done which are not difficult:

  • Implement a random event which would require the user/bot to answer some question or complete some task before returning to the world. Runescape did this, and I'm not sure how effective it really was, but it was something.
  • Promptly look into player reports with a category for macroing/botting
  • Lower mat farm amount for lower level players, which increases as they are higher (1 ore under level 20, and level 20 smithing, 2 ore under level 40 and level 40 smithing, etc)
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I'm not expert, but I can tell you right now that it's extremely discouraging to see this amount of botting in the game. I suppose I should not dedicate time to farming, and instead just pick stuff up as I'm questing and doing other things..

SIDE NOTE: Since I started about a month ago I'm shocked at how great this community is. There are so many friendly people, and patient people in the dungeons. I have 95% positive experiences with other players I meet. Coming from League of Legends, it's every refreshing.

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