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Thoughts on the aspiration rewards

sims2 - Thoughts on the aspiration rewards

Money tree: Why is this the cheapest one????? It's honestly one of the best. It usually grows two times a day so it's basically a free 80 simoleons each day for each tree, that can majorly add up. It's also unlimited. Worst case you get a single simoleon, not really that negative of a side effect at all. On top of that all, it can be used as a great decoration!

Noodlesoother: Probably the most useless one of the aspiration rewards. Even if successful, your needs still decrease at a rate faster than normal. Overall, I think the number of drawbacks of SUCCESS on this reward honestly outnumber the number of positives that come with it being a success. Obviously it failing isn't good. I'm not sure if I've ever bought this one before (maybe once?). I'm sure I won't in the future though

ReNuYuSenso Orb: I'm almost confused why this one is so cheap. The negative outcome isn't that bad and can easily be changed. Definately one of the more useful aspiration rewards IMO. Five uses on this thing is also more than enough.

Weathernaught 57X: I'd never buy this one simply because the drawbacks basically guarantee death. My brother bought it when seasons first came out and it killed his poor sim immediately. The positives definately have its perks if you're gardening but the drawbacks are just too severe. Not many uses but you don't really need a ton either.

Smart Milk: I think the failure effect is more detrimental than the success side effect. Given how short a toddler's lifespan is, the fact you only get 5 bottles isn't a huge deal. All in all I don't find it that helpful though. Definately not one I generally buy. I do love the name of this reward though and how the container is set up with the milks rotating.

Cool Shades: I've actually never bought this one before. This is definately probably the most forgettable of all of them, until I looked at the aspiration rewards list I didn't even know they existed tbh. I think it was my first time seeing them lol. Anyway, I think they're pretty useless tbh and WAY overpriced for what they give. It impacts the first social interaction of five sims, big whoop!


Kibble of Life: I mean, I guess it's fine. I've never bought it as generally I feel pets live longer than I even really want them to in most cases and I get bored of having it in the house. No negative effects is nice.

The Electic and Enigmatic Energizer: This one has one of the most severe impacts if it fails, but same with if it goes well. Definately one of my favorite aspiration awards. Although only having five uses on it is kind of a bummer.

Thinking Cap: I've never bought this one that I can remember (maybe I bought it like once) and I'm kind of surprised as it sounds fairly useful. Basically smart milk for adults. Same drawback Smart Milk has though in that I feel the impact of it failing is greater than the impact of it succeeding. Still a pretty respectable reward. The SimVac (another reward) impacts makes this reward seem extremely overpriced though.

SimVac: I've never bought this but want to as it sounds like so much fun. The fact you can get five skill points for free with this reward makes the Thinking Cap reward sound ridicuously overpriced. Although the negative impact definately is harmful but the success impact is so powerful.

Love Tub: The other aspiration award with no negative impact. Honestly I don't care much about the benefit the hot tub has to romantic interactions. However, I do love what the hottub looks like and the fact that you get to keep it afterwards is a major plus!!! One of my favorite awards for sure.

Counterfeiting Machine: This one may be my favorite. I just find it so much fun. The fact that the negative impact is quite literally the police showing up at your house. I also think it's fun how it can start a fire if overused. The negative impacts for this reward actually have more of a "story/narrative" behind them. I also find it very beneficial although the police can show up at any point. I lost my last one of these machines only hours after getting it because the police showed up so you better be careful!

Elixir of Life: Kind of pricey but it is beneficial. I think it's a super clever idea and definately the most iconic of the aspiration rewards. Also, a great decoration when it's gone!

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