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Very Fascinating Game Corruption

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I don't know exactly what I did but now my whole game is royally messed up. Let's take a look before I do a complete reinstall !

I opened Veronaville to find that all the lots were missing – no families, no houses, not even empty lots. Just a totally blank neighbourhood with neighourhood decorations. I exit and reloaded the game, reentered Veronaville and was surprised to see the families and lots back. Everything looked normal again. However, looks can be INCREDIBLY DECEIVING.

I entered a Bianca Monty's family. She has a husband, a teenage daughter and a child daughter. I came to find a lot of very strange things had happened:

  1. All sims were in red aspiration, and their aspirations were gone/missing. Literally a gap where their aspiration would be.
  2. All personality points gone. All skills gone, all badges gone, all interests gone.
  3. All memories gone.
  4. No one is related to each other any more.
  5. Relationships as if they had just met eachother.
  6. Weirdest of all, everyone is actually an adult male despite looking normal. The child was walking around all tall and with a grown man voice.

I sent the teenage daughter man to a community lot and found even more weirdness. There was a dog walking around like a human sim. Yes, it looked as confusing as that sounds. He was all jumbled up and squished, floating in the air, throwing lots of errors. He could do human stuff but other sims interacted with him like he was a dog. Dormies were entering the lot as if they aren't confined to their campus anymore because the game recognises them everyone as adult males. Everyone was really mean to each other because they had 0 nice points.



I have been playing the game for 12 years and have never encountered anything like this before. This is really strange and interesting and I want to play around with it a bit more before I reinstall. I'm wondering if universal NPC's will behave correctly or if the game will make them act like adult males too. I'm suspecting I caused this by activating "allmenus on" and playing around with that a bit, but I exited the lot without saving after using allmenus for any extended period of time.

After playing the game and carefully following anti-corruption rules for so long, it's quite interesting to see what happens when it all goes wrong. Does anyone have any requests/experiments to do ?

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