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325 Gameplay Hours Later… I Finally Finished The Game (Spoilers)

TheWitcher5 - 325 Gameplay Hours Later... I Finally Finished The Game (Spoilers)

By far this has been the best experience I have ever had playing a game. I started my first playthrough in 2016. During that time, my wife got pregnant and we had our first child (daughter) which really made my connection to Geralt even more personal. Never shed a single tear playing any other game, but admittedly cried multiple times playing TW3. I certainly haven't completed every quest, but I have explored the game and completed every quest to the best of my ability.

One of my favorite quests was A Knight's Tale. The innocence of Jacob and his belief in fairy tales. I received the ending where his dog gets possessed and eats him. Really reminded me of how cruel the world of The Witcher is after spending so many delightful hours in Toussant and forgetting about everything to the North.


In each of the main 3 stories I ended each one how I saw fit. Ciri went on to live the witcher life, Olgierd was killed, and both sisters lived (though in hindsight I kind of wish Syanna was killed as Regis hated her for how she treated Deadlaff and I agree with him). Also I went team Yenn as Geralt's actions are similar to mine in terms of how I met my wife.

I have never spent this much time with a game before, taking almost 3 years to complete. What a masterpiece CDPR have created! Obviously nothing will fill the void this game has left now that it is all over. I guess it is time for NG+ until CP2077 is released.

Edit: I forgot to add… how come nobody is talking about those vampire books about farming humans. That was some of the wildest stuff in the game. I have never ever seen something so dark and on that level in a game before. Everything that is in the Tesham Mutna Ruins is bone chilling to read and go thru.

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