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4th run modding experience and lessons!

TheWitcher5 - 4th run modding experience and lessons!

Hey fellow Witchers! Im writing to share my experiences of modding the 4th run of this beautiful piece of art fro CDPR. Here goes.

I have – FINALLY – after 3-4 retries, done a near perfectly desired setup for a 4th run of the game. By retries i mean test every wanted mod on the main overhaul see if its bug free, play the game, if not restart the setup. Went with W3EE first, but as with the few tries years ago, could never get used to fully manual aiming. Shame as it is an amazing mod. Then finished FCR3, was good but halfway through Velen realized game is too boring as i dont find ANY worthy loot, the overhaul is too extreme for me. Other parts of overhaul were good, but maybe LEGO mod was what i shouldn't have installed with it. Oh well, play and learn. Lego mod was also a nightmare to merge with many mods as it was multi modded Mod, unlike fcr, ghost, w3ee. So for those who want to try fcr3, do it wo lego, or just pick parts of lego that you like. Its just many smaller modules in one. Fcr3 was actually good skill wise and combat wise.

So went with Ghost Mode setup and it was relatively easy compared to above. But it wasnt interesting enough, skills rebalance(which is most important to me along with combat mechanics and gear changes), as i already played it years ago.

So i found school of the roach mod and read amazed and happy reviews about it. It has great changes in skills tree, also several big and important mods integrated(like ghost and w3ee), which goes to its advantage. Finaly got it to work almost perfectly, except at the end, just like last setup try, texture/graphical mods cause the game to not start.

And this is my q. Last time also, when i add some textures from gear, i watch witcher3.exe in tadk manager. It loads up to 300-400mb and stops loading. Just hangs there. So i had to remove some to see which one causes problems. Found the "causes" but messed up smtn else and decided to restart the whole setup clean.

And now i just got left major texture mods like hd reworked project, skellige and white orchard retextures and one other rk4ai or smtn. Monsters reworked are also great. Dr exactly, not home atm. So now none or these will work, or they all freeze the game. Decided that f*** it, i can live wo them and will start white orch when i come back from work today.

But my q is does anyone know what causes the game to freeze? I installed mod limit patch, so its not that. Its definitely related to texture mods(environment and/or gear), just cant figure out what exactly. Would be Happy to enjoy those great textures rework as well.

Now to share some lessons regarding major modding of a game.

First, great resources are mod lists found in total immersion and yet another the witcher 3 mod, which are both based on ghost mode. Witcher reborn is w3ee based, but is also great. The catch is there are some great modding advices and resoursces there, like fixes for many mods, or workarounds for some bugs. Wghost(modder) also has her own list, which you can find on the net, dr atm, just google it. But all there is already covered in above lists and much more.

This yt video has some great and rarely mentioned mods as well:

Second how i aproached trial and error when testing whether some mods work or not. I make a backup for each important category of mods i successfully install. Patches are first, main and major menu mods are second, then come main/important gameplay tweaks, then many other tweaks categories… For each of those i make a backup, since its a pita to redo everything from the start if i mess up even the smallest thing. Then gear changing mods. Lastly come small textures (gear, then misc textures), then major textures mods. And thats it.


Now HOW i make backups is important. As the game itself is 37gb,you cant just backup the whole directory after each category. I figured parts that never change, the biggest folders and leave them alone. Namely those are in content and dlc folders. Small files in main folder are irrelevant. So i backup the whole bin and mods folders. In content/content0 folder there is one biggest folder and two 2-3gb fikes that i always skip, but copy/backup everything else. In dlc also are 2 biggest folders that dont change, i backup everything else. Altogether, the backup folder is less than 2gb. That is as long as i dont reach those texture mods, where i just stop backing up, as they don have any merge/conflicts, its just copy paste process.

Other 2 things that need backing up are whole documents folder and also script merger folder. Doc witcher 3 folder holds user and input settings, which if you mess up those big mods w menus and inputs, you're f***ed. Script merger folder. Well, every time you remove/delete any merged mods, script merger deletes those merged folders in its own database and you have to remerge mods you already merged and are fine. And next time you merge them, it may and sometimes WILL be merged differently. So back it up for each category and you're at peace.

Now, how to choose and find great mods? Lol no short way, excepting those lists at beginning. First time i did it i combed every category at nexus mods, chose and tried every mod in the same subsubsubcategory. To find the best, most updated, most compatible ones. Not something id recommend to anyone who is new lol. Unless you've played it once already, you wont have the nerve for it. I only had it once.

Better way is to use those big lists. Then, if there is a certain need you have just search generaly in mods, ie crossbow, or animations or reshades, or roach(god bless her). Keep gear changes category separate from gear retexture! I f***ed that up and im too lazy now to untangle it. Why. Bc every category of mods i sort, i extract them all in a mods and dlc folder(if any) separately, so i can just copy paste them into main folder, for ease of use. If i need to restart modding the whole game i dont have to extract every bloody mod from each category every bloody time.

Do i sound like a lunatic yet? Never mind me, just have fun with modding. It may seem too much what i do, but it saves me hours of time and threads of nerves. Hopefully will yours too.

If someone is interested, i can even upload all the mods i selected for school of the roach mod, categorised, so you guys can mod them yourselves, not wasting time to search the whole nexusmods. Dunno if thats not allowed, if i would be breaking any modding rules. If yes, i can at least make screenshots of each category for use.

Bc there are MANY small, unnoticed, but GREAT and LIFE SAVING mods that make the game even greater!

Hope i helped anyone with this rant. And again if someone has encountered this texture mod game blocking bug, please let me know. Also if this kind of post is inappropriate let me know where i can post this stuff? Any forum, or group…?

Cheers to all!

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