The Witcher

A journey into the new world, part 1

TheWitcher1 - A journey into the new world, part 1

After lifting the curse from Uma, using the firefly and finding a few dwarves, Geralt was finally reunited with his adopted daughter. They had a nice conversation and she told him about all the adventures she had, until she got to the part where she explained the world where the wild hunt's leader couldn't catch her. Geralt wasn't exactly willing to believe it.

– That doesn't really sound possible – said the witcher in a confused voice.

– Very well then, I'll show you – the ashen haired girl responded

Then she proceeded to grab him by the hand and use her teleportation powers to gve him a quick tour of our world.

– Still don't believe me? – Ciri asked.

Geralt was speechless, as he never even knew a world as beautiful as this exists. They went for a short walk, until they stumbled upon a nearby mall, and decided to stop by to eat some food, drink some water and use the restrooms afterwards. They ate some food and went into the bathroom together. Geralt wasn't yet familiar with modern architecture and technology, but he quickly found a good use for the locks that prevent people for walking in your restroom.

– Get down on your knees – said Geralt.

– Why? – asked Ciri in a surprised voice.

– It ain't gonna suck itself – Geralt answered.

He then proceeded to unzip and Ciri honestly wasn't expecting him to try to bone her. Her hesitation caused Geralt to get a bit anxious, so he grabbed her by the her and started pulling it to get the full effect. Luckily, since nobody could actually see or hear them, Geralt decided to go even further.


– Bend over – ordered Geralt with a smile even greater than German science.

Knowing she couldn't say anything, Ciri politely bent over and Geralt covered her mouth and started banging her. No moaning was heard, but deep down, Ciri was starting to lose her breath from all the white wolf liquid Geralt was pumping inside of her. The witcher then forced her to clean the entire floor with tongue, unless she wanted to stay in there forever. They finally got out and instead of going back to Kaer Morhen, they actually bought a hotel and stayed there for a day, as Geralt still wanted to explore a bit more and have more fun with his little kitten, so he told Ciri do the laundry. The plan was that she'd get stuck in the washing machine, like in your typical step bro porn. His plan actually worked as expected, giving him a chance to repeat his performance from earlier, except this time, he didn't have to worry about anybody hearing her screaming moans, so he could peacefully fuck her without worrying about anything. He penetrated her even more than at the mall and unlike Dio Brando, the antagonist in Jojo's bizarre adventure part 3, he didn't have to steal anybody's body for Ciri to enjoy his mutated, as he called it in front of children, libido. Eventually, after an entire day of banging, they decided to finally go back to their world and both agreed that they'd do it more often when Yen or Triss won't be around. The end, you asked for this

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