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a rough outline of pre-release MQ3035(Emhyr) aka “Reasons Of State”.

TheWitcher11 - a rough outline of pre-release MQ3035(Emhyr) aka "Reasons Of State".

SQ315 didn't exist yet. If that's the case, what sidequest would have triggered the start of mq3035 in Roche's Temerian Camp?

After successfully attacking the hospital/sanitarium/concentration camp in sq313? Or possibly after completing sq314, the final quest in the catriona plague storyline?

I don't know. I only know it would have started in Roche's Camp. Unfortunately, there are way~ too many gaps in the game files. But whatever…


Roche, Geralt, and Ves would be at the temerian camp. For whatever reason, Roche apparently felt comfortable enough to invite Geralt to meet him at the nilfgaardian army camp. If Geralt agreed, Roche would be waiting for Geralt there. Ves doesn't get invited. After a gap in the game files, she would have appeared at "temerian bridge".

Once Geralt joined Roche at the camp, they would go to meet…Voorhis!

But where in the nilfgaard army camp?

The nilfgaardian brothel aka "house of respite"? "W3 Quest Asset List" states that a succubus(hostess) from sq312 would have appeared in mq3035.

A big ass army tent with custom assets inside the camp.

Roche and Voorhis would then reveal their plan to assassinate Radovid. For whatever reason, Letho joins the assassination crew.

-Iorveth appears(maybe? idk) and creates a black hole in the game files that swallows everything-

Radovid's dead! It's "quest wrap up" time! Time to go to the…Kingfisher Inn?

Two Variations

Voorhis & Roche are with Geralt at a table.

Voorhis and Geralt are at a table. Roche either died during Radovid's assassination, or by some other means. In fact, when the game checks for "MQ3035 Roche Dead" in the fdb, and it's present, the scene speaker would change to Voorhis. If Roche is alive, the scene speaker is Roche.

But wait… Where's Talar? What about Djikstra?

Was the quest too straightforward? Let's add a separate path! The "Talar Path"!


The game calls it "Talar Path". However, at a certain point, the game checks the fdb if "MQ3035 Talar Path" exists. If it does exist, during the "wrap up" phase, the scene speaker becomes Djikstra. So, in my opinion, it's "Talar & Djikstra Path".

Talar and Djikstra? That's an odd pairing… Well~ before all of this, in mq3034(Djikstra), a portion of it called "Talar's Revenge" took place in the nilfgaard army camp. After killing whatever Talar wanted killed there, Talar would've went back to Djikstra's office to relax…

Anyway, the planning phase either took place at Djikstra's bathhouse or warehouse.

So I think that the talar path is currently in the game. It's just been modified and put through the rewrite grinder. Roche replaced Talar for every scene that took place at the bridge to Temple Isle. Ves's role appears the same? Phillipa's appearance(cutscene only) was possibly unchanged as well?

Alright, Radovid's dead! It's "quest wrap up" time! Time to go to the…Crossroads Inn?

Backstabbing time! Either Talar betrays Djikstra, or Djikstra betrays Talar. I want to say "Talar & Roche", but Roche for whatever reason did not have an mq3035 actionpoint at the crossroads inn. This however, does not rule out his presence.

The game files indicate "Djikstra Dead"(Crossroads Inn) was an interior cutscene, not gameplay.

Whatever. If Talar dies, you can loot notes off his dead body. If Djikstra dies, you can also loot notes off his corpse.

Depending on the outcome, Voorhis would then arrive at the inn. Voorhis has plot armor, so that could only mean he arrived on the scene afterwards.


So was "Reasons Of State" always about three idiots using Geralt to fulfill their whims?


I don't know about you, but the idea of djikstra and geralt battling through roche, talar, ves and a bunch of nilfgaardian soldiers sounds kinda fun.

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