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A Second Playthrough of The Witcher 3

TheWitcher6 - A Second Playthrough of The Witcher 3

Dear Witchers and Witcherettes,

After playing the Witcher 3 and its expansions shortly after they released initially in 2015 (feels like ages ago) I am about to embark on my second playthrough of the GOTY version of what is easily one of my favorite games of all time. However, I know myself well enough to be aware of the fact that if I just "wing it", I am probably going to fall back into the same play style as last time (kinda like how you always end up as a stealth archer in Skyrim if you don't have a solid plan). And thus, my dear fellow-fans of this amazing franchise, I come to you hat in hand, asking for your wisdom.

IIRC, what I did last time:

  • Completely ignored Gwent
  • Went for light armor
  • Pretty much ignored alchemy
  • Didn't make any changes to HUD although I know there are good reasons to just turn of all markers and let yourself be surprised
  • Difficulty was set to Sword and Story I believe, so a bit of a challenge but nothing too extreme
  • Story choice wise I am just gonna go with my gut like I did last time and see if things end up differently this time (interesting test I'd say)

For my upcoming GOTY playthrough (on PS4):

  • I will give Gwent a shot. Should I add the extra Gwent set in the options or would that be too much for a first timer?
  • Any skills you can recommend me to focus on (like Aard) that are just fun to play with?
  • As this playthrough is more focused on fun than challenge, is the easiest difficulty too much of a walkover? I don't need a Dark Souls death ratio but roflstomping every enemy you come across kinda takes away from the excitement as well.
  • I Alchemy worth it if you do anything but the highest difficulty?
  • Any HUD or other gameplay option recommendations?

If this thread picks up I'll try to compile the info so perhaps it can be of use to other people looking for a second playthrough. Thanks!

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