The Witcher

A Thing I dont like about the Witcher 3

TheWitcher2 - A Thing I dont like about the Witcher 3

The looting.


There's a shit ton of boxes everywhere especially goddamn Novigrad that my completionist mind cant ignore. What should have been a leisurely stroll exploring the city just became a long ass time spamming buttons and shimmying as to not light the candles.

Makes me want to rip my hair off.


I still remember enjoying looting because it makes me wonder what kind of equipment I'll get. I dont want to keep on getting shitty vials and water. Some odd hours into the game even if i defeat monsters 15 levels ahead of me, the gear I get is always inferior to the ones I can craft. Then all theres left to do is sell them to merchants for money I probably dont need much of. I dont feel like an awesome witcher anymore, I just feel like a trader 🙁

Man I love the story and the gameplay but all this looting makes me want to kms

Tldr: The Looting system sucks in the Witcher 3 and it makes me very upset


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