The Witcher

A Troubled Repose mission is broken for me

TheWitcher2 - A Troubled Repose mission is broken for me

tl;dr at bottom with a solution

Wondering if anyone else is running into this problem. I'm plying via GoG btw.

So in the mission, you are given a custom deck. I have my hand (3 arbalests, Count Caldwell, War Wagon, and a decoy) and my deck. The deck is (supposedly) two arbalests. The problem here is I am trying to access them with my Count, who summons duplicates in my hand that match any adjacent minions he is set next to. That being, my arbalests.

The problem here is that when I do it… nothing happens. I would check my deck later to confirm it has Arbalests and one of two things happens: right clicking my deck shows no cards, despite there being a (2) on it. The other, the deck magically changed to two Light Infantry. Like, what the fu*k? Every time I reload the mission this happens.

When I try to use the Count to instead summon Infantry, since the game thinks I have those… it gets even weirder. It just makes me move the infantry already on the board, instead of summoning the ones that are (apparently) in my deck. When I do this, the game suddenly gets all unstable and freezes mid turn, forcing me to force shutdown the game entirely.

Am I just doing something wrong here, or is the game just really buggy?


K, now I know something is fubar. Game softlocked after I ended a turn again. I try fiddling around.. I right clicked one of my Arbalests and instead of the normal description, I get this:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx99 DAGONLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus egestas vetibulum eros eget efficitur.


Keyword:Keyword DescriptionKeyword:Keyword DescriptionKeyword:Keyword DescriptionKeyword:Keyword Descriptionxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Placeholder text, basically. Man, I just started the game and it's ready falling apart.

———————update 2

Ok, I got the damn Count to do his job and summon an Arbalest. This time I put him next to just one Arbalest, instead of wedged between two. That time it actually summoned one of my Arbalests from my deck… Thank God for alternate strats… Kinda makes me wary of even continuing the game if it's going to pull crap this this so early on…

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For anyone landing on this post from google because they were experiencing the same problem:

This strategy just breaks my game and forcs me to alt f4:

This strategy worked for me and the Count worked as intended:

In summary, use the second link, not the first if your Count card isn't working properly.

Original link

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