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Alright, controversial opinions maybe

TheWitcher8 - Alright, controversial opinions maybe

I dunno, maybe people have said all this before but I want to rant so here goes. I think The Witcher 3 is a messy game.

On one hand, I love it. It's a vast, beautiful, lush fantasy world with great writing and combat and it has so much to do. Right smack-bang in the middle of my tastes. On the other hand, I really hate some things about it and I think they're not just minor gripes.

  1. Leveling and progression. So, you play as legendary witcher Geralt of Rivia. He's seen some shit by this point. He's killed some dudes. He's assassin'd some kings. He's been around a while. So why is it, that a little gang of bandits or a lowly water hag can one or two shot you simply because you're in a "high level area"? Sure it's an amazing open world but this kind of leveling makes your exploration options awfully, and arbitrarily linear. He's not some lowly prisoner who's just been captured at the border of Skyrim and sent to be executed, he's Geralt of fucking Rivia! He didn't start being Geralt when I started the game! A water hag is a water hag, no matter the mud she crawled out of. I'm not a fan of challenge for the sake of challenge, it has to make sense in the world. This kind of progression system takes me out of the experience. If an area must be a high level area, give it a whole new range of enemies or at least different iterations on the same enemies.

    1. The world map. So this probably is a minor gripe but like, what is the world map even? First, there's two separate zoom-in options for Velen and Novigrad when they're actually just one area which makes it confusing. I can't tell how the overworld map actually relates to the smaller area maps. How big a part of Temeria is Velen? Why show us this vast overworld map in a way that suggests there are more places to visit than there actually is? What is that chunk of land westward across the water from Novigrad? Is Novigrad not on a coastline? Also, Vizima and Kaer Morhen are just too small to be worth visiting for me, even if there are things to do/find there. The absolutely unforgivable loading times make visiting not worth it for me.
  2. The ending/endgame. Only minor spoilers here. You've spent all this time with all these characters, you've grown attached to them. Then after the end, they're just gone from the game world. Most of them didn't die, they're just gone for no reason. I felt a genuine sense of loneliness and anti-climax after the ending and I kind of didn't want to continue playing for a while. The world just felt static. Not to mention the fact that you can't continue any side quests with main characters after you enter the endgame. You fail them all if you haven't completed them by a certain point. It sucks and again, it's an arbitrary thing that didn't need to happen for lore or in-world reasons. Those side quests at least felt like they weren't all leading up to fighting the Wild Hunt. All I want is to see Yennefer wandering around Kaer Morhen or Dandelion in Novigrad. They don't have to have any meaningful dialogue. Just knowing they still actually exist would make me happy. Talk about forcing the DLC on you. I know CDPR didn't intend it this way but I mainly got the DLC because of in-game loneliness.

OK rant over. Typed in minor frustration, but not meant to ruffle anyone's feathers. On the whole, I still love the game. Maybe there good reasons for all of these things…

EDIT: Don't know what the deal is with the numbers here…

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