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Am I supposed to be hooked at this point of the game or is it still fleshing out?

TheWitcher8 - Am I supposed to be hooked at this point of the game or is it still fleshing out?

I bought this game after it being on my list for years as its critically well acclaimed and hailed a phenomenal game by friends and respected video game 'enthusiasts'. I'm just trying to figure out if the game isn't for me at this point or the game is taking time to 'flesh out' as in many rpg games like FFT for example. Just left novgard and doing some side quests

I feel like at this point, every single game action I do is a chore and the combat is repetitive and not engaging. I see myself going to point A, spamming space through the dialogue and doing point B quests with most of my time being occupied by witcher sense and grinding monsters. Dodge rolling seems to be inconsequential and makes the combat fruitless. Do the enemies get any more interesting? Do they have patterns and attacks that you have to adapt to which require fine tuning, trial and error? Is there a combo + ability system like metal gear revengeance or DMC? Is there a fundamental set of game mechanics that is the cornerstone of witcher rpg combat that allows you to customize and tackle the game's obstacles the way you want to(Can I be a brawler, mage, archer? Can I heavily invest in only using magic. Can I viably use two axes and have ridiculously slow heavy attacks. Is anything stronger than dodge rolling and spamming light?)? Does the ability tree expand past what I see in the menu? Is there like an active ability tree since most of the abilities are so passive and only help to increase stats?


It just feels so weird. It feels like I'm missing something. After all the rpg games I pull through, I've never really been so indifferent and bored about W3… I even spent the first hour before playing reading summaries and scouring through the wiki of the first 2 games before jumping into 3.


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