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An Idea for a Witcher 4

TheWitcher6 - An Idea for a Witcher 4

I commented a shorter version on a previous post, but thought I'd expand it a bit. Doubt it would ever happen, but I think it'd be a hit. Leaving out some details for now in case CDPR is listening 😛

Geralt's story most definitely feels complete, so I see no reason to revisit him or even those he interacted with. What I'd love to see is a game that focuses on other witchers from other schools, one from the Cat, one from the Bear, and one from the Griffin.

Each of these witchers have their own main story. A prologue section where all three of them are together in a small area (like White Orchard), possibly doing a large contract, ends with them being sent word that their respective witcher schools are being overrun/destroyed, etc. sends them all in opposite directions of The Continent. Maybe the Cat school is in Cintra, so he goes South. Maybe the Bear school is in Kovir, so he goes North, etc. Each witcher learns new things and interacts with different people in their respective 'campaigns', and current events on the Continent effects the political climate of each region uniquely (like a war, etc.). Each witcher also has a distinct personality: Cat might be more forward and edgy, Bear might be more Jason Momoa-y tough-guy, and Griffin might be more intelligent and chivalrous (since their armor seems to imply they're somewhat knight-like). As each witcher progresses through their main quest, they ultimately weave together a story about a global organized effort to eliminate witchers (be it a religious cult, a king empowering masses, etc.). However, the information each witcher learns is different enough that you'd have to play all three stories to understand the full scope. They find out who's behind the progrom and travel to the same place, reuniting. The final battle is one all three participate in, along with potential allies made along the way, but they each also see their own side of the conflict, their own boss battles, and their own outcomes influenced by the decisions you made along the way. Again, only by playing all three do you experience the full event. I'm admittedly not a reader of the books (yet), but it'd be cool if this event could also be tied to an event referenced in the books or previous games in some way.


Gameplay-wise, each witcher would of course play differently. The Cat witcher would be agile, the Bear witcher be tanky, and the Griffin witcher better at signs (maybe only he has alternative versions, etc.). However, you wouldn't necessarily be limited to a singular playstyle as they all have well-rounded upgrade potential and a mostly shared alchemy arsenal (but would be cool for some school-specific potions/bombs too!). Each witcher may also be able to find 3 or so upgradable versions of their own school's gear, which would add aesthetic variety and unique attributes to play with. Besides the main quest line, a good mix of unique side quests and witcher contracts would of course be included. The idea is just instead of one character going to 3-4 large map areas like in W3, you play a different character in each map area.

This idea isn't entirely original unfortunately. I was inspired by it after playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, which also follows 3 characters through an interweaving story. But I think a similar concept would be brilliant for the Witcher universe!

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