The Witcher

An unscripted rant on the Witcher series that I played last year.

TheWitcher1 - An unscripted rant on the Witcher series that I played last year.

I bought a new graphics card at the end of last year just for playing games. Played quite a few games(which was on my wishlist) like Arkham Asylum,City,,2 unfinished GTA IV dlcs and the Witcher series. I completed Witcher 2 and was playing the Witcher 3 when my hard drive started making beeping noises and then my PC started freezing every now and then.

Talking W3..I was about halfway when I stopped playing it. To be exact I just had reached Skelligie with so much loot(And I tried to sell it all just to see how much was it all worth it and found that it was worth around 50000 orions)

I wasint much of an rpg gamer and found myself playing racing,sport and mainly open world games(like the GTA)..I hated the idea of collecting items from the game world and building/selling stuff with it.I just wanted my games to be more forefront and easy. Dont get me wrong,I always loved a challenge..But the idea of collecting items from the game and building/upgrading stuff so that I can get progress in the game always bugged me.Plus, I'm supposed to be playing a game, not studying or learning something.In other words it must not be very complex and tiresome that it takes me out of the game experience.. That was until I played the Witcher series by CDPR.

Lemme start with the W2.. Godddamn.. I can easily say W2 was the hardest game that I've played,period.Rephrasing, It was the most challenging game I've ever played,hands down. It took me straight up 10 hrs or something to defeat that Dragon.

Through the process I learned why CDPR is so loved among gamers all over the world. Did I mention before that I was an avid GTA fanboy?(and have played most of all the titles,except for the 2D ones and the Vice City Stories) And yeah I thought games couldint get any better than GTAV. Well,that was until I played the Witcher series..Those tiresome in-game elements of getting items,buying selling and building stuff which I hated the most…I started to like it very much. That's exactly where CDPR succeeded.They carefully integrated an open world game with rpg elements..That actually made the open world more real and deep instead of being empty. They didn't just add any inconsequential in-game elements just to make-play.They seamlessly integrated these elements with the story forming this consequential reward system which engage players to go collect these game-world items to reach the most closest reward goal.The reward tree only grows more as we progress,It didnt lose any momentum through its long gameplay.. Never there was a time where the player can say"Well,I don't need to upgrade anymore..I could just play with this Level 3 items and win a Level 10 boss."It just doesn't happen..


That said, I come to the most important lesson that I learned playing the Witcher games,that is.. "THE MORE WORK YOU PUT IN,THE MORE YOU GET OUT OF THE WORLD" In other words this game doesn't work like any other game..It feels like a real(lived in) world,It behaves like a real world..Aka like I said before…The world of the game rewards you for the work you put in. Money in the game is not useless and every damn penny you collect can be used for some purpose.

You connect with the NPCs deeplely through the in-game rpg choices that you make. That way, " THE STORY DOESENT MOVE YOU,YOU MOVE WITH THE STORY"..Dont bite on me just yet.. Lol I'll explain.. That means unlike in any of your average games where you do a particular in-game mission to see progress in your game story..Here you are so involved in the story that you make decisions and that unconsciously influence your open world gameplay experience to fit the story. By 'move' I mean progress in the game. Not to mention the tons of in-game choices that are carefully weaved through the game that influence your story by the way you play.(honourable / dishonorably)

Also the vast scale of the map and the attention to detail is simply unfathomable. Every now and then I had to pause to take a screenshot just because the frame looks like a fuckin painting.Damn, this was easily the most beautiful thing I've ever seen(yeah That includes my real world stuff that I've seen too). Btw I've some awesome screenshots to post,which I'll do soon.This community is simply the best. Can't wait till I repair my hard drive and finish the game.

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