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Are the developers of other open world RPG’s even trying to create a compelling story and universe?

TheWitcher6 - Are the developers of other open world RPG's even trying to create a compelling story and universe?

After putting a couple hundred hours into The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt I have come to a depressing conclusion. It appears to me that the developers of other open world RPG's haven't put nearly the same amount of compelling story or time into creating a living breathing universe that the makers of The Witcher have. CDProject Red have packed The Witcher 3 so full of amazing content and built such beautiful cities and countryside villas, small towns, seaside fishing villages, and gorgeous gigantic cities like Novigrad that I actually thought were impossible to make. I mean, compare even a smaller city like Oxenfurt to the "large" cities of Skyrim like Riften, Whiterun, and Solitude or the big cities of Fallout 4 like Diamond City and…. oh yeah. That's the only big town in the entire game!

The world is so massive and detailed. I was shocked when I kept zooming out and out and out when I reached Velen and saw that the whole region was one contiguous landmass complete with a border between Novigrad and Velen; between Redanian and Nilfgaardian territory. After White Tree, which I thought was the whole map by the way, it was a pleasant surprise. The Mass Effect series, which spans a galaxy, seems tiny in comparison. I remember people ranting and raving over the quests Bioware put together for its series like Mass Effect and the like.I think many companies have now decided to raise the bar when it comes to their open worlds. I see so much influence from CDPR in other games that have come out sense like Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Come Deliverance.


Is this all because the engine CDProject Red has a vastly superior engine that can deal with this kind of load? Rather than just a statement or declaration of "Awe" that I have for this game and a denigration of other games that I now view as vastly inferior, can this post also be an explanation?

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Why is this game so full of dialogue, story, complicated and rich quests when other games aren't? Were the quests in Fallout 4 really the very best Bethesda game studio could do? Was it really their very best? Even something in The Witcher 3 as simple as finding a random woman in a tavern (who could have been completely missed and ignored) leads to a quest far more compelling than even the best quests in all of Skyrim.

TL;DR – Were developers like Bethesda or Bioware even trying before The Witcher 3 came out and shot them all out of the sky? How is it that CDPR's storyline, quests design, character dialogue, and cities/towns are so much better than everyone else's? Help explain.

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