The Witcher

Assistance on final attempt at Wild Hunt please.

TheWitcher4 - Assistance on final attempt at Wild Hunt please.

Bottom Line Upfront: Question about modded play through, only proceed if you’re not sick of them already!

This is my third attempt. First was at release and even on DM I found the game a little too easy. The second time; I did a bit of research added a few mods (Friendly HUD, mediation, and Preparations) and really enjoyed it. Enjoyed it so much, I stopped at lvl 15 and spent a year reading the books for the background.

This week I started my third attempt at the game, now halfway through the week and I’ve not left White Orchard yet as still tinkering with Mods. The crux of the matter is whether to use ‘Ghost Mode’

Initially I decided not to, and early on while still lvl 1 I came across 4 drowners who were lvl 4. They were effortlessly seen off with Igni, roll and quick attack. I added Ghost mode for science and the same fight is nearly unbeatable.


I am in a quandary as I like the combat changes Ghost mode makes, but not overly keen on the other changes to quests, XP, Alchemy ingredients etc Anyone care to share their experiences or recommendations? In summary, I suppose I would like to know if there are any disadvantages or flaws to using Ghost Mode. Or should I not use such a game changing MOD the first playthrough.

I’ll leave this a few hours for replies, and then set my mod list and close the Mod Manager and Scripter Merger until I’ve finished the game.

Thanks all

PS. I really enjoyed the books, just wish I had printed out a large world map first to add some perspective to everyone's journey.

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