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Avallac’h’s Curse and Uma *Spoilers*

TheWitcher4 - Avallac'h's Curse and Uma *Spoilers*

I looked everywhere to make sense of the chronological order of ciri's story and found bits and pieces that don't fully explain the mysteries of it, But I think I solved this out:

It starts when Ciri left Geralt and Yennifer on the Isles of Avalon but shortly after Ciri flees as she is pursued by the Wild Hunt. She teleports to another world (Probably Cyberpunk 2077's world, might come with possible easter eggs) with an elven sage called Avallac'h; and they stayed away from the Witcher world for half a year hoping the wild hunt would lose their trail.

After half a year Ciri; with Avallac'h, came back to see Geralt and Yen, and landed on Ard Skellig, that proved to be dire as the Wild Hunt knew about their arrival and had set an ambush there which resulted in both Ciri and Avallac'h getting overwhelmed by the Wild Hunt, Avallac'h pushes them away with a strong magic spell and runs with Ciri, Avallac'h opens a portal to velen but while jumping in with Ciri Avallac'h got attacked, then left alone after the portal closed, and battle then ensued during which Avallac'h gets cursed by someone in Wild Hunt (Possibly using the pylactery) and also causing the forest around to die, Avallac'h wins and escapes and then goes to his hideout in Velen.

Meanwhile, Ciri; who previously went through the portal, landed in Crookback bog and was taken in by the Crones, the crones tried to dissect Ciri but Ciri overheard their conversation and she escaped, but it just happened to be that the Crones alerted Imerith; (Not Eriden) a general of the Wild Hunt, who ordered the Crones to keep an eye on Ciri as he's coming and as he arrived he found out that Ciri had escaped, so he and the Crones started sending beasts to catch Ciri, but luckily Ciri escaped unnoticed and ran until she met a little girl whom her parents tried to send to crookback bog for being naughty but got lost and she (the little girl) claims to have seen a wolf king; later found out to be truly a werewolf, so Ciri with the Witcher training she had as a girl, tracked down the werewolf and found him attacking a man, Ciri kills the werewolf and saves the man who later thought Ciri was the baron's lost daughter and so Ciri and the little girl were taken to the baron at Crow's perch the baron shows to be generous as he took care for both Ciri and the little girl.

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Ciri and Avallac'h meet again in his hideout where Ciri finds out about Avallac'h's curse, which makes deformed his body so much he hid his face under a mask and soon they split to find a cure. Ciri is Novigrad bound taking a phylactery so she could try to fix but after racing the baron, winning a horse and fighting a basilisk and then meeting Dandelion, making a deal with Whoreson Junior, pulling off the biggest heist ever known (yet), getting tricked, fighting Whoreson Junior, saving a friend and making the biggest escape, but leaving Dandelion behind, while Avallac'h met Keria Metz who gave him a potion for cell deterioration to slow down the effect of his curse and time was ticking fast…

After the incident on Temple Isles Ciri was found by Avallac'h (Or teleported straight to Avallac'h) and was taken by Avallac'h to skelliga where they were healed by the locals, Ciri was left to rest but not before arranging a meeting by Drowned Dead Rock, Ciri wakes up to in a local family's home who tended to her while she was asleep, soon after the wild hunt attacked the village and Ciri had to escape; with the help of a man called Skjall, and so they rush to Drowned Dead Rock, Skjall goes back after escorting Ciri but sees Ciri and Avallac'h arguing; Probably for not helping the village, and then Ciri got knocked unconscious by Avallac'h using magic, the Wild Hunt approaches and at the nick of time Avallac'h escapes with Ciri to the Isles of mist.

While on the Isles of mist Avallac'h hides Ciri in a hut and goes back by himself but sadly the curse effects are have reached it's end and by the time he reached the shore, Skajall; who barely survived a strike from the wild hunt, sees a boat and a ugly creature; Uma, cluelessly wondering just before he falls unconscious.

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