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Beat Witcher 3 first playthrough after 172 hours of playtime, my thoughts. LMK when you think

TheWitcher7 - Beat Witcher 3 first playthrough after 172 hours of playtime, my thoughts. LMK when you think

172 hours of playtime and I finally beat Witcher 3. I haven't started up Blood and Wine or Hearts of Stone. I'll get to those in the next few weeks or so. These are my thoughts on it. Overall, I rate the game to be good. I ended up with the Yeniffer ending (not sure how to get Triss or Ciri). I ended up with Ciri being a witcher, so I'm happy with that. I looked up the other endings and I did the pre-reqs for her becoming the empress except taking her to her father. I failed the gang's of novigrad quest which I feel is dumb, but it is what it is and won't keep me from getting platinum eventually.


Here's my breakdown of the aspects of the game: I absolutely loved the story line. I think that's what kept me going in the game. I'm indifferent on the open-world aspect of the game. The locations were a good way to get out of the quest grind. I just wish I did the quests in Novigrad before the ? marks though. In the end it didn't matter I guess. I ended up beating the game at level 34 and got the grand master gear. I loved the scenery. It is completely my style; I enjoyed taking a break to take in the scenery a lot in the game. The monsters, although well drawn, had terrible AI and were quick and easy to figure out and beat. I played on Blood and Broken bones. I don't feel that Death March would've been much different, just take longer to kill the enemies. I played using a igni and yrden degen build. If I played again, I might try the combat tree. I loved the way the game handled potions and dedoctions, but I was never really troubled to use them after I hit level 14 or so. Gwent was a ton of fun and difficult in the beginning while you were gathering cards, but then easy once you got all the spy cards. I think the biggest thing that makes this game so successful is just being immersed in the world. Combat was severely lacking, especially after playing Bloodborne and the God of War games, as I'd just igni and dodge the entire time; or use Yrden against the elementals. It felt really cheesy and makes me wonder if I want to go through a NG+ or just try to get the achievements to platinum. I'm definitely doing the expansion packs, but after that, might just shoot for platinum and uninstall. I'm undecided yet. I think if the game had more boss fights like against the white frost bosses, then the game would've been a lot more demanding to me. I've gone through Bloodborne 3x and God of War 3 2x to get the platinum, but I don't really like to replay games as I play for the story. Knowing the ending would probably take it out of it for me. The crafting system was awesome, but you'd have so many materials that you don't even need. I would save 10 of each, and sell the rest and I hit 100k quick and never really used that cash except to repair, but I ended up with tons of extra repair kits that I put in my stash. Also, I kept every green or relic colored piece of gear that I had in my stash. No reason, just for a rainy day, that never occurred. Overall, I'd rate the game a solid 8 of 10.

I do appreciate the advice that was given to me at the start of my game play as it was really helpful.

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