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Books – Timeline between Ciri and Geralt in Sword of Destiny – SPOILERS?

TheWitcher3 - Books - Timeline between Ciri and Geralt in Sword of Destiny - SPOILERS?


yesterday I finished reading Sword of Destiny. Great book, loved every part of it but I'm unsure about timeline between Geralt and Ciri in the stories (and Calanthe) so can anybody help me out clearing it out?

We have those events ocurring:

  1. Geralt meeting Ciri in the Brokilon (driads etc) and giving her to Mousesack(Ermion?)
  2. Geralt saving Yurga and invoking second Law of Surprise (I read polish version but translation of the Surprise would probably be: meeting someone who he didn't expect?)
  3. Geralt hallucinating about meeting Yen
  4. Geralt hallucinating about meeting Calanthe and rejecting the first Law of Surprise (the one which was made when Geralt first met Duny and Pavetta)
  5. Connected to 4 – Geralt seeing Ciri but not knowing it was her in Cintra
  6. Geralt connecting with Ciri when Geralt and Yurga arrived at Yurga's home.

So, chronologically, is this what happened or am I missing something?

  1. Geralt helps Duny and Pavetta and he is given Ciri due to law of surprise
  2. Geralt hallucinations were real events in the past, so Geralt talking to Yen (after more than one year of being apart – after the events with the gold dragon (villentretenmerth?)) and Yen convinces Geralt to go to Cintra.
  3. This is 6 years after helping Duny and Pavetta – Geralt is at Cintra, Calanthe doesn't like Geralt initially (okay and here I have a small issue – I remember that in "The Last Wish" Calanthe was nice and caring for Geralt and now suddenly she dislikes him – why is that?) but then Geralt explains her that he doesn't believe in destiny and he refuses the child. This is also when Geralt first saw Ciri but had no idea that was her.
  4. Geralt meeting with Ciri in Brokilon (it was mentioned that he recognizes her)
  5. Geralt gives Ciri to Mousesack (Ermion?) and refuses her again
  6. Geralt meets Yurga and then at Yurga's home he meets Ciri
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Did I get that correct? 😀

Also, why was Calanthe disliking Geralt when he arrived to Cintra 6 years later?

Sorry for long post, hopefully it's understandable and you guys will help me clear it out. Thanks in advance!

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