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Bought witcher 3 after hearing the 10/10 praises everywhere in anticipation for cyberpunk. I’m now concerned about CP2077 because I don’t get the hype for witcher 3. I don’t like it.

TheWitcher11 - Bought witcher 3 after hearing the 10/10 praises everywhere in anticipation for cyberpunk. I'm now concerned about CP2077 because I don't get the hype for witcher 3. I don't like it.

So let me preface this:

  1. I've played a lot of games and a lot of those games have been rpgs. I feel very confidently about my ability to determine what is fundamentally good or bad game design.

  2. I have the Platinum trophy for bloodborne so please don't hit me with the 'git good' like I'm not capable of mastering a combat system.

  3. I've played 20ish hours, which is long enough to watch all 3 lord of the rings movies and most of the 3 hobbit films. (what I consider a more than fair enough shot)

  4. I don't hate you for loving it, but I do not. Here are my reasons why. Do not take them personally. If you were to criticise my beloved baby bloodborne I'd take that criticism in hand. I expect you to do the same.

I have no idea why people praise this game so much. Granted, I haven't seen all it has to show, but I've put in a considerable amount of time and genuinely tried to love it. I want to start with the movement controls. They're dated as hell. Doing several full circles to pick up loot beneath my feet does not feel good. This could be fixed super easily by expanding the window in which the player triggers the prompt. This is bad design and indefensible in my view. I spent roughly 15 minutes of that 20 hours just trying to reposition myself to pick up loot.

While on the subject of loot, I don't really care about it. Nothing feels like its making an impact to my damage at all. A level 1 sword feels identical to a level 4 sword. Armour is genuinely hard to find, even when trying to buy or craft, especially given how expensive it is and how little gold you likely have. The most I have carried is 650ish which isn't even enough for a full set or 2 swords from what I've seen. That took me quite a while to get while still having a decent stock of things in my pack.

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Combat. Hoo boy. I don't get it. I just don't get it. It doesn't click with me like dark souls, Bloodborne, final fantasy 12, any zelda, darksiders, elder scrolls or dragon age. Enemies don't seem to have telegraphs for their attacks, and when they do they are unreasonably fast. If I can play titan fall 2 and tip matches but can't dodge fast enough in a medieval fantasy game then your medieval fantasy game is too damn fast. Blocking is great and very effective but feels useless because the animation and sound effect are very weak. Despite its effectiveness this disincentivised me from using it and instead opted for dodge rolls like I would play bloodborne, which I am fresh off the back of another playthrough.


Everytime I roll… The enemy lunges an equal distance. I roll around to the side and strike, huzzah, it'll take a good 12 more swings to kill the level 4 drowner. But they don't stun lock most of the time. And his buddies want to dance too so I split my focus and despite many critical hits and some well placed ignis for aoe I feel like I'm shooting confetti that stuns and slapping them with a stick. I have the best gear I can find at this point and I'm still not dealing enough damage to make it feel worthwhile. Enemies feel like tanks and hit like glass cannons from other games. I get 4 banged but it takes 8 for me to kill a regular enemy? But there's 3 of them and 1 of me and I have little aoe and I can't stunlock effectively so I dance for several minutes.

Also wtf is a strong attack? They seem entirely pointless on every weapon thus far.

Credit where it is due, voice acting, script and story have all been excellent so far but the moment to moment gameplay feels unrefined, dull, outdated and menial. It feels like a chore not like an engaging encounter. It feels like they saw dark souls do the whole 'every enemy is a dangerous encounter' thing and then put that in their game after it was done and forgot to balance for it.

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I don't hate this game. Effort was put in and I appreciate the work cdpr have done for the gaming community but this game is not a 10/10. It doesn't gel with me, and that fine, I'll put it aside and wait for cyberpunk which is a game that excites me a lot as a deus ex fan. I am however after playing the Witcher 3 concerned that the (in my opinion) undeserved praise from the witcher 3 has set them on a path that I will dislike and I can't help but expect less of it now.

P. S. Gwent is great and stands up with blitzball as one of my favourite mini-games ever.

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