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[B&W] Syanna’s arm gesture

TheWitcher2 - [B&W] Syanna's arm gesture

I just finished B&W for the second time. I was kind of rush in my first run so this time I spent more time on enjoying every minute of it, and I was totally in love. I found more details which I missed last time. One of those things that caught my mind is Syanna's arm gesture.

I did some search and there are a few people who noticing that too. In short, they explained that is her 'idle position', a mannerism to portray her characteristics.

My finding is that her gesture somehow has a meaning. Because Syanna only posed like that in a few occasions (4 times if my memory serves me right) and, in each time it happened there were 2 things in common:

  1. Camera will focus on her pose/ arm
  2. Only when her scheme is exposed

Now let's take a look closer.

Go back to the top chamber of Dun Tynne Castle, this was where we first met Syanna. And this is what happened when Geralt concluded that Syanna and Rhenawedd were the same person all along

Focus on her arm

Now fast-forward a bit later.

When Geralt and Syanna were about to leave The land of a Thousand Fables (only if the player choose to go there), and out of sudden Syanna wanted seduced Geralt. But why? After a good time riding unicorn she wanted to f*ck?

Remember in the conversations they had before, Syanna implied that she saw something similar between Geralt and Dettlaff. What was it? Easy to be manipulated


Syanna knew Dettlaff too well that after what she did to him, a meeting with him? Her death is certain. So she tried to pull a 'trick' to influence Geralt's decision before they left the Fablesphere.

Guess what happened when Geralt REFUSED her?

That pose again

In the every end of the game, assume that Geralt chose to kill Dettlaff and save Syanna, Geralt later confronted her in her tower to inform that he had found out that Anna Henrietta was her fifth and final victim. At the ceremony, Geralt also told Anarietta that Syanna wished to kill her.

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Then when Syanna was brought in, she seemed surprised and upset that Geralt was there. Because after all, Geralt was the one who saw through her plan, and he was the only person there capable of stopping what will happen next

Why did she concern with Geralt's presence? And why with that pose?

And this was when Syanna was convicted of all her crime

This, to me, was not a just a simple gesture or idle position. It clearly showed that Syanna was the true Beast of Toussaint.

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