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Can I get an unbiased opinion on the DLC?

TheWitcher11 - Can I get an unbiased opinion on the DLC?

I know the sub I'm in and everyone's gonna praise it, but hear me out please.

I got The Witcher 3 two years ago with my 2nd hand PS4. At the time I tried it but the eternal intro with tons of info followed by the lackluster combat and rather clunky mechanics put me off. Still, everyone knows this game is incredible so I was determined to play it one day.

Well, the day came and I've been playing it for the past 2 or 3 weeks (I'm level 15 atm in Novigrad, chasing Junior). The story and world are so amazing that the game actually got me into it, but I can't say I enjoy the gameplay all that much. It is alright, the clunkyness I can deal with, but the combat is so easy and repetitive, quen dodge dodge fast attack for the most part, even in the harder difficulties, but I guess it's good enough that its flaws don't overshadow how amazing the rest is.

I really like this game and I'm sure to finish it (I'm the kind who plays 1 game at a time), but I don't love it like others that I'm actually awaiting my next play session and replay instantly upon completion. I'll probably be a bit burnt out by the time I finish.

So, do you guys think it's worth it for me to purchase the DLC? If it was any other game I would not even wonder, money is generally tight and I don't blatantly purchase every DLC there it, but so many people say the DLC for this game is so much better than the base game, even people who disliked the game.

If you took the time to read, thank you kindly!

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