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I'm drunk asf rn but it dawned on me Triss is best suited for Philippa.


  • Lesbomancy (everyone's favourite type of magic)! If Geralt doesn't choose Triss in the game, they are both single and both are attracted to women.
  • Share history. Its implied they were an item in the past or at least have hooked up (see: Tower of the Swallow).
  • Similar career goals. If Geralt chooses Yen, Triss goes to Kovir to become head mage. As shown by her previous plans, Philippa is also interested in Kovir and in having a position of influence at court.
  • Similar life goals. Both Triss and Philippa strives to make the world a better place for mages. Neither particularly wants to leave politics and/or start a family.
  • Similar ethical codes. Both Triss and Philippa seems to subscribe by the philosophy of "the ends justify the means". While the broader goal of helping mages is a good one, neither are above using below the belt tactics if they believe it will help them get what they want. For example, Triss manipulates an amnestic Geralt to help the lodge and Phil mindcontrols Saskia. This is important as emotional manipulation and using sex to get ahead is normally a deal breaker for most couples.
  • Complimenting personalities. Triss is warm but insecure. Philippa is cold but confident. Philippa can give Triss direction and confidence. Triss can give Philippa warmth and care. In a sense, Philippa can give Triss a sense of fulfilment; Triss in turn gives Philippa happiness.
  • Acceptance of each other. Triss is physically and mentally scarred from Sodden. Her actions after that are reflective of someone with PTSD and she wears high collared clothing to cover her chest scars. By the end of the Witcher 2, Philippa too is also physically marred (blinded by Radovid). Apart from the obvious (that Philippa can't see Triss' scars unless she uses magic), Triss is well suited for Philippa as Philippa is one of the few characters that truly has the capacity to understand and accept Triss, given she too knows how it feels to have her body mutilated and to survive a waking nightmare of a battle.
  • They clearly care for each other. >! Notice how stressed Triss sounded when trying to find Philippa . Notice how Philippa softens when talking to Triss after she escapes from Sigi's bathhouse. !<

While some players will find Geralt happier with Triss than Yen, Triss will arguably be more satisfied in the long run if she ends up with Phil. Agreed?

Also, yes, I know the games aren't cannon but these are just random thoughts.

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