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Hey, I'm going on my third playthrough and I always seem to write down certain things to remember when going through. Like what quests fail when, when to do certain quests. Also, where some of the more difficult Gwent Cards are, so I decided to make a couple checklists. They include Secondary Quests for Velen, Novigrad, and Skellige, as well as an easy to use Gwent Card list, plus a list for quests to do before hitting things like Isle of Mists and so on. Now, I do want to preface this with the fact that there may be spoilers in here, so it's recommended that you have played through at least once, or you really don't care about spoilers.

There were a few checklists out there, in fact one website (
gwentcards - Checklists! ) was useful, but it wasn't particularly to my liking. It's still a great website, so you can check that out if you're looking to complete "Collect 'Em All" And don't want to find things on your own, or just want a checklist. But despite there being lists and stuff out there, I couldn't find everything in one. So I made my own.

The best way, that I know, for you to utilize this is by copying into your drive, using it that way. Also, I AM HUMAN, so I make mistakes too. If you see any, or if you have concerns that should be addressed in the overall list, then I will be happy to take those requests since I'm going to be using this list as well. If it's a really minor concern (Like really minor concern) or it's a preference, you can fix it on your own. I will try and check and update the list if I find I get things wrong, or if enough people request for something quality of life or something like that, so please let me know!

I also added a Clear button to every one (besides the Failable Quests one), and it may ask for permission to use the script app. I'm not 100% sure why it does that, but I don't see any reason it is malicious. I wrote the script myself, so if you want to look at it beforehand or whatever, feel free to. If you just want to be cautious and not use the clear button, then the list is still available to you, with the checkboxes.


Again, I'm happy to fix any mistakes I made. I hope you enjoy!

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