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Could Dettlaff ever be redeemed? (Spoilers)

TheWitcher2 - Could Dettlaff ever be redeemed? (Spoilers)

What a game. I honestly could not handle the big Dettlaff dilemma in B&W, thus I've created 2 separate saves to alternate between the endings.

Dettlaff had my sympathy up until the moment he decided to massacre the whole city just to hurt ONE person. I honestly thought that, when he let Syanna go the first time and told her to come back in 3 days, he actually tried to resist his violent impulses, think it through and not make any rushed decisions that he might later regret. Regis tried to convince us that Dettlaff is a good chap underneath all that brutal facade and thay he can be redeemed. I actually believed this, and I applauded Dettlaff for not giving in to his instincts immediately.

On the other hand, as Syanna did not show up on time, he got consumed by rage and killed a lot of innocent people with the help of his vampire gang. Dettlaff clearly crossed the line. But the question is: is this reqlly the point of no return for Dettlaff? Can he still be redeemed after all that happened? Provided you let him go, of course.

I'm not fully satisfied with either ending and I cannot decide which one is more authentic for me. On one hand, Dettlaff deserves to be punished and I (and Geralt) shouldn't really care about his emo redemption. I felt sorry for him before he decided to kill all those innocent people. He is emotionally unstable and dangerous, a Witcher's job in this case is to kill the monster.


However, there's a reason why I still care about his redemption arc: it's Regis himself. I think we can all agree that Regis is bae ❤ No, seriously, he is such a sweetheart and a loyal friend to both Geralt and Dettlaff. My heart breaks as he has to make probably the toughest choice one can imagine: to kill his brother in fangs who he loved dearly and is indebted to, or take his side? He will choose Geralt regardless (what a bae ❤), but that decision is also tragic and daunting for Regis.

When I decided to let Dettlaff go, I was doing it for Regis. Well, Regis believed in Dettlaff, and I trust and believe in Regis. He seemed have some faith left that Detrlaff's redemption was still possible even after the massacre (as Regis sought the peaceful solution). My primary goal was to stop the massacre and Dettlaff promised just that – to forever leave the area and stay away from humans. I do feel like a traitor to humanity, and yet I think we have every reason to believe Dettlaff will keep his promise and leave for good.

But again – that doesn't mean he can be redeemed, that he can become a better person. Could he? If Dettlaff lives, Regis follows him as he wants to help him change. What do you think Regis can possibly do for him? What would that path of redemption entail after all that happened? I'm not sure if he himself believes that is possible any longer, or if he's doing it out of duty. What do you think?

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