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Death March – Invincible Alchemy Build – Comprehensive Guide

TheWitcher5 - Death March - Invincible Alchemy Build - Comprehensive Guide

I'd like to start this off by saying this build wont be for everyone. Alchemy builds can lack variety in combat, with little focus on fancy spells or exciting sword pirouettes.However, it does open up a plethora of options for dealing with every kind of enemy over the course of the game.It also makes you indestructible.

After seeing a lot of posts saying "How do I deal with "x" boss", "Why is "x" so hard?" I thought I'd share this, rather in depth guide, to help those out who want to beat the game on Death March with ease and still feel like a bad-ass whilst doing it.

This is also my first "proper" reddit post, so go easy on me.

Pros –

  • Ridiculous amounts of health and regeneration. Literally unkillable.
  • With the right set up, any boss/monster/enemy can be easily dealt with.
  • Great synergy with decoctions, armor and mutations allowing for huge stat increases.
  • Feeling like a proper Witcher, by using all of the tools you're provided with.
  • Ability to 1-2 hit any monster, with very few points put into combat skills.

Cons –

  • Little variety in combat, things can feel a little repetitive as a result of constant oil and potion switches.
  • Expensive and time consuming to collect all the upgrades, so would be perfect for a completionist build.
  • Fairly difficult in the early game, with no real DPS increase until around level 12.
  • Some quests require no armor or potions, so can be a little tricky. Especially fistfights.

Skill Tree – Screenshots will be linked below

LwqHwZP - Death March - Invincible Alchemy Build - Comprehensive Guide


Poisoned blades – 15% Chance of poisoning the targeted monster type (based on oil) – this will increase your dps.

Heightened Tolerance – No overdose threshold – we wont take additional damage for toxicity. Acquired Tolerance – Each known formula increases your maximum toxicity – Essential for chugging more pots.

Refreshment – 25% of Max health heal when drinking any pot – this will get you through the early game.

Protective Coating – 25% resistance against targeted monster type (based on oil) – This is your bread and butter, will help you become the tanky god Geralt ought to be.

Tissue Transformation – +1000 Vitality for every decoction consumed – I usually run 3 decoctions late game.

Fixative – Blade oils wont wear off – Useful for extended fights or multiple fights against the same monster type.

Synergy – Mutagen bonus increased by 50% – This gives us way more tankiness with 3 Greater Green Mutagens (+2700 Vitality)

Fast Metabolism – Toxicity drops faster (still limited by decoctions) – Allows us to take use more potions more frequently.

Hunters Instinct – With full adrenaline points critical hits do 100% more damage to specific monster type (based on oil)

Cluster Bombs – Bombs separate into 6 smaller fragments – Helps with crowd control against multiple enemies.

Killing Spree – After two kills, whilst intoxicated 100% critical hit chance – Massive DPS, but keep that toxicity up!


Strength Training – Strong attack increased by 25% – Our DPS comes primary from strong attacks. Crushing blows – Strong attack critical hit damage increased by 75%


Bear School Techniques – Each piece of heavy armor increases Vitality by 5% and Strong Attack by 5%

With this build there will still be space for one more "Wildcard" skill. This is based on all skill tree slots unlocked with mutagens. I would recommend "Side Effects" or "Efficiency" as the final skill.

Mutation: Euphoria – Eurphoria is HUGE, whilst juiced up on potions and decoctions, each point of toxicity will increase our Sword damage and Sign Intensity by 0.75%. This synergises with Acquired Tolerance as it will allow us to gain up to 200% increased damage from Euphoria alone.Euphoria is OP.

Weapons and Armor

LwqHwZP - Death March - Invincible Alchemy Build - Comprehensive Guide

Witcher Gear is so important. I can't stress this enough.As soon as you're of the required level for Witcher gear, get hunting, starting with Griffin armor from level 11. Then progress onto Ursine armor at level 20. Don't invest into Bear School Techniques until level 20, as it's worthless without the heavy armor.

At Grandmaster, three pieces of Ursine armor will provide you with a chance (25%) for a free Quen shield whenever one is broken. This is vital, as in our build we'll be using 5 pieces as the 6th slot bonus isn't that beneficial.

Silver Sword: Aerondight (Invigoration Runewright Enchanted)Aerondight is the best Silver sword in the game acquired through a quest in Blood and Wine. Until then, you'll be using the Ursine Silver Sword or Wolven Silver Sword.

Steel Sword: Ursine Steel Sword (Invigoration Runewright Enchanted)This is personal preference, I use Ursine for the 5% chance to receive an additional Quen shield, but it's your choice, all the Witcher gear swords are pretty effective.

Invigoration Enchantment

When at full health, excess Vitality regeneration turns into added damage on the next hit – This synergises with our constant healing from attacks and increases our damage by 50% at full health.

Armor: Grandmaster (or equivalent) Ursine Witcher Gear (Protection Runewright Enchantement). This is the only real choice. Huge amounts of physical armor and receives the bonus from Bear School Techniques skill.

Synergy: With Protection Enchantment, there is an 100% chance you'll receive a free Quen shield upon entering combat. When this Shield breaks, you also have a 25% chance to receive one for free, based on our current build.If this shield breaks, our decoction and skill choices allow us to "overheal" when casting another Quen shield. This puts as at full health and then empowers our next auto attacks.

Decoctions: Your decoctions are going to be what makes you into the tanky-godlike Geralt you dream of being. Whilst also allowing you to deal out unprecedented amounts of damage by triggering Invigoration and Euphoria.

Ekhidna Decoction – Performing actions that consume Stamina regenerates Vitality. This occurs whenever you cast Quen. Essential turns Quen into an instant heal and helps keep you at the imporant 100% vitality.

Ekimmara Decoction – Damage dealt to foes regenerates Vitality. Again, keeping us at full health everytime we hit an enemy. Not to mention, when at full health the additional healing is then converted into additional damage – Thanks Invigoration!

Water Hag Decoction – Damage dealt is increased when Vitality is at its maximum. This provides us with ANOTHER 50% increase in damage whilst at full health. To my knowledge this stacks with Euphoria, Invigoration and other additional bonuses.

**General and Combat Tips:**

Before every fight you need to prepare. Once you get into the habit it's pretty simple, but for those who are opposed to this I know there's a few mods out there that'll do it for you!

  • Know your monster types – Apply oils before every fight, this is particularly important early in the game. You'll want that additional bleed damage and 25% resistance
  • Golden Oriole potion will save your life! – Loads of monsters will use poison to ruin your day. Superior Golden Oriole will make it a lot better, as poison now HEALS you. You will also receive additional healing from Refreshment when you do this and it'll contribute towards your Invigoration enchantment. Devils Puffball also becomes a handy healing tool!
  • Cluster bombs work great for controlling the battlefield, Northern Wind will allow you to freeze whole groups of enemies so you can pick them off one by one, and as mentioned, Devils Puffball creates a wide healing zone when combined with Golden Oriole.
  • Dodging is still important! Keep those Quen shields up and dodge! We want to be full health to reap the rewards of Invigoration.
  • Take your time to search for all decoction and potion recipes, each one you find and learn will increase your overall toxicity level and thus the amount of damage you can deal with Euphoria.

I hope I've covered everything of importance in this guide. I'll be sure to add more and fix the spelling mistakes throughout as I find them.Thanks,


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