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Dijkstra vs Ciri ? Why this ending is good?

TheWitcher7 - Dijkstra vs Ciri ? Why this ending is good?

Late to the party. I have a question regarding Ciri empress ending. Lot of people says that its a good ending because Ciri would make a great queen because she cares about people. However, with what presented from the game, isnt Dijkstra way better at become the leader? From what I experience in the game, Ciri would be an awful leader. Especially a NATION leader.

I feel like a good nation leader need:

– Experience ( of course ).

– Cool calm collected.

– Cant be too soft. At this level of leadership, I expect a strong, little bit cold blood leader.

– Cant be too brutal. Otherwise it will be no difference than Radovid.

– Good with military, economy, planning, politic.


– Travel through world and fighting monster since child. Never expose with military, economy, planning, politic.

– A very hot head, which have been demonstrated on multiple locations.

– Have a very kind heart, which can be bad in a grand scheme.


– Very experience with politic, economy, planning ( Radovid. assassin plan, build a guild in novigrad, run business ..etc..). Later he is even upper hand in the battle vs Nilfgaardian, which prove he ability in leading military.


– Very calm head. During the quest saving mage with Triss, even with his help, some mages still insulted him but he kept his cool. Just one of many example.

– Cold blood but know the boundaries. He killed people, ofc. He even killed roche, who is the partner in crime with him. But for a purpose, to not let the north completely lose to Nilfgaardian ( meanwhile Roche just want to save his country with the expense of the North). However, he did not murder mages, non-human, just for the sake of enjoyment like Radovid.

I mean, isnt that a perfect Ruler. A strong, cold blood but reasonable, a talented military Ruler.

I dont read the book so maybe there are some characteristics in the book that demonstrate Ciri's qualities to be a great Ruler. But there is nothing in the game point out that Ciri would be a good Queen. In fact, I would say if Ciri becomes the queen, it would be a bad thing for citizen.

Of course, people can say she "can" learn. But would you rather bet on her to learn the trait to be a good rulers, or, choose Dijkstra, who is proven to be a great leader, who makes master plan, win wars, show great leader's characteristic. I would not bet on it with what the game present ciri. I love her through.

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