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Does anyone else have a chronic fear regarding leveling up/spending ability points?

TheWitcher1 - Does anyone else have a chronic fear regarding leveling up/spending ability points?

Pre-emptive TLDR: Goals for this post..

1) advice/recommendations/thoughts on what abilities are useful, fun, or, most importantly, will/can have an impact in game otherwise unavailable (like charisma/persuasion or hacking/lockpicking skills often can).

2) does anyone have similar issues and if so what’s your experience been? Any ways you’ve found to help?

The post:

So this issue is due to me, not the game, so I have his problem with every game I play. I decided to post this here though because, while I’m currently playing Witcher 3 as well as Jedi Fallen Order, amongst other online/non-leveling games, I feel even more plagued than usual with Witcher 3.

The issue: I have such fear of choosing the wrong skill or later in game wishing I had skill-X but I don’t have the points for it because I got skill-Y, that I can’t commit to any ability/skill/etc. This leads to the same place every game; With the few exceptions of charisma/persuasion, lockpick/hack, and the one or two obvious abilities the game intends you to use your first few levels on, once I get above those first few levels I end up freezing.. continuing to level, storing points, hoping that whatever ability is useful or needed will become apparent when I encounter the situation and fail/die or realize it could’ve gone a proffered way with X-ability. option and I can reload a past save (if I haven’t played too far ahead).

It’s the one area where I can’t seem to stay in the lane of the “end of the day it’s a game, nothing’s really riding on it and it’s primary purpose is to be fun” mindset.

But back to Goal 1. I just hit level 9 and have attained a total of 12 ability points (one per level, and I guess the other three were maybe given at the start of the game? I don’t remember). Maxing the first “level” of Quen, Axii, and Fast attack (3, 3, and 5pts respectively) was a no brainer. I put one point into Aard in order to have the three slot same ability/mutagen color bonus, but for the last three levels I’ve been unable to choose anything and therefore have 3pts and one slot just Unused.


I’d like to have a combat/sign focused build for role play and play style preference, but simply don’t know where to go. Given that my first three slots and mutagen are signs/blue, and slot one of the second three is combat/red, it seems like it would be good to use that empty second slot for another red combat ability. So far the crossbow seems so weak, ineffective, and clunky to use, that it feels more like something added by a mod then an viable part of your “kit”. But it’s presence makes me think it must be otherwise, so perhaps I should invest there. The concoctions/green are just something I know I won’t utilize fully, I’m playing on “normal” mode as I’m more interested in the story then having to combine the right potions while being aware of my toxicity etc. etc. to defeat an enemy.

I feel I’m rambling now and have said more than enough to clarify what I’m saying/wondering so I’ll wrap it up.

If you read this whole thing I def wanna thank you, and probably apologize for the excessive length. Thank you in advance for anyone who replies with their thoughts/advice/etc.

This is a great community and I appreciate the help given so far, and that yet to come!

Postscript bit of info that I just think is ironic given the issue spending skill points…

In every other aspect of my life I’m very adept at having to make impactful decisions with limited info, even with only moments in which to decide. I’ve been a paramedic for 10 years and making split second choices that, not uncommonly, could literally be the difference between life or death is kind of the crux of the job.

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