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Finished my first Playthrough of W2 … Some Confusion

TheWitcher1 - Finished my first Playthrough of W2 ... Some Confusion


So i never read the books ( i plan to sometime) and i just watched some playthrough and recap for W1.

For witcher 2 i did all the quests ( main +side ) concerning Roches Path ( except Mystic river ..forgot to do it in chapter 2)

1) in chapter 1, eventhough Iorveth was arrested ( i did not give him the sword), we see him running into Roche in a flashback… did he escape ? i thought he was arrested ( thus the festivities in town)

2) Triss used the megascop to check who Sile was talking to.. turns out it is Detmold. We learn that shes in contact with him and henselt because she wanted to be also an advisor for henselt by curing him and giving him a heir..thus she wanted to loot the kayran. However Detmold reveals these infos only if triss reaveals something about Filipa. ( firts time i encounter her name in the game)… i didnt really get what did triss meant by speaking of Filipa ? that she was heading to Vergen ?

3) Loredo was plotting with kaedwin ?

4) how did triss ends up with nilfgaardian ?, i recall that she landed in vergen with letho..but then nothing

5) At some time, roche said ( when they got attacked by nilfgaardian), that he saw a statue that might be triss… How did she end up with nilfgaard ?


6) Sile was behind the assassination of daemavend. Filipa too i guess..still no idea who she was… excep the entry in the journal that she was advisor in redania.

7) the end is also a bit confusing… so letho helped the lodge ( which was secret) to take over aedirn by killng its kings…. but letho was also sent by nilfgaard to kill all the kings… in order to destabilize the north. what was the role of nilfgaard emissary ? who gets an arrow from his fellow countryman while beeing a hostage of geralt…

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8) whats the difference between the lodge and the sorcerers "group" that made a summit …

the lodge became secret after the coup during the last summit ?

9) what was the summit's purpose ?

10) how die we get to learn abt the plot of the square coins… roche and foltest was behind it in order to keep kaedwin away of dealing with nilfgaard ? they used the cursing of henselt as a "seed" for this plot ?

thanks…. thats what i have for now….

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