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Finished the Witcher 3 again, some thoughts on the next game/s (spoilers)

TheWitcher8 - Finished the Witcher 3 again, some thoughts on the next game/s (spoilers)

Hey, I don't really use Reddit that much ,but it seem like the only place I can talk about the witcher ,also forgive me for any grammar errors ,English isn't my native language
So, it was my 3rd or the 4th time finishing the game ,and I all I have to say is ,it's just amazing as ever
This game managed to capture me in it's magic every time I start a new save and it amazes me that almost 4 years since it's release there was no real game that competed with it or got on the same level (some tried but none had the "soul" this game has)

But the members of this forum probably beat this game as many times as I did ,if not more
What I wanted to talk about is the next game in the franchise, clearly it won't be with Geralt since we concluded his story pretty much (I haven't read all the books yet ,please don't kill me, I have the first 3 ,but I know that Geralt killed some monster in age 1370~ ,so it seems like he kept being active and alive for another 100 years ,or perhaps it was a last final kill or something, I promise I will read them all when possible)

So what are the possibilities? I don't think we can go too far into the "future" so to speak since we know that it's been decades since the last trials of the grasses held in kaer morhen and when you encounter the witcher from the school of the cat he says that their castle is already ruined or there are barely any witcher that left alive from that school (I don't remember the exact wording , sorry) ,we can assume the same thing is happening to the rest of the witchers and their schools ,as Geralt said when you explored some ruins in kaer morhen ,witchers are a dying breed and will be gone from this world in couple of decades (again sorry ,not the exact wording but he said something along those lines)
Which a bit strange with all the monsters that still roam the world ,but I guess the empires will try to handle them somehow?


Anyway, I think the only route is to explore the past ,the first witchers were created hundreds of years before the novels and the games ,and I feel like there might be a lot of potential there ,maybe playing as one of the first witchers?
But I'm afraid about the personality of next witcher ,I like Geralt a lot ,and although he always claim that he is stripped of emotions due to the mutations he's very emotional at times ,knows when to make jests and overall his personality is just amazing in my opinion ,not to mention the fact that he is ,perhaps ,is the strongest witcher that lived – due to extra trials he gone through and the enhanced mutations he discovered in toussaint (yeah not canon by the books but you get me)
But I trust CDPR like I trust no other game company so I'm sure they will be able to craft another amazing game
There are still lands to explore and even other worlds – although I doubt CDPR will go for the latter,maybe a small section like in the 3rd game

What do you guys think? Also, since I have mentioned the books, should I get also the short stories and even the comics? despite of me not reading them all yet ,I really love the lore of the witcher and it's eastern European based folklore

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