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First play through completed!

TheWitcher11 - First play through completed!

Hi everyone, About 2 hours ago I just finished my first story play through of Witcher 3 on the sword and story difficulty. The first ever big RPG I played was dragon age: inquisition, I fell in love with it the second I picked it up I have played and beaten it around 7 times and got my completion time (with DLC and majority of side quests but not collectibles) down to about 45 hours. I heard so many good things about Witcher from my friends so I decided to pick it up and give it a go. I have 100% completed my White orchard, Velen and Novigrad, completed all the side quests in those areas and got the achievement for completing all Witcher contracts. I will soon be attempting to get all of the question marks in Skellige, and after I have completed that I will start on the DLC’s, I’m about 79 hours in. I just wanted to say that this has easily taken the spot as my favourite game, I love the entire thing and how detailed every character and place is, I went out and bought a kindle the other day so I could read the novels because the backstory seems so rich and interesting. Now talking about my gameplay: Unfortunately I got the bad ending which almost brought a tear to my eye as it was such a sad ending to an amazing journey. I romanced Triss and ditched Yen the first opportunity I had because she’s just seems to be really rude and bi*chy. I still don’t understand how CD made all the different side quests unique when they have about 100 other side quests which are Similar. The battle of Kaer Morhen was amazing and was better then the Haven defence mission in Dragon Age: Inq. I skipped a lot of the gwent side quests and I don’t really find them that interesting and fun tbh. Not trying to big-note myself but idk how people are taking so long in it and are up to like 250+ hours. I plan on doing a NG+ run very soon. From the the battle of kaer onwards, the game seems to just dump a lot of XP on you for doing simple quests like talking to Emyhrs. And is Roach glitchy as hell for anyone else? Anyway, just some thoughts from me which has made me fall in love with this game, I’ll post a photo of my character tomorrow when I have the chance.


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