The Witcher

First playthrough done

TheWitcher4 - First playthrough done

So I just finished my first playthough of this beautiful masterpiece of a game. And I gotta say I made the best decision by turning off my HUD and playing on hardest difficulty. I just can not see myself playing this game with a HUD it's just irritating thinking about it. Of course I use friendly HUD mod so when I use witcher senses I get to see the minimap. But I only used that whether I need to turn left or right with Roach. And I just gonna say that anybody that has played this game should start a new game with HUD disabled.

Now on to the difficulty of the game. Well it was really really easy and I do not mean to flex that I finished it easy. Now I guess it was hard on the beginning side quest with the werewolf. But everything else was easy. Maybe it was easy because I finished every side quest and witcher bounty before finishing the game. I think that that is the reason but it still should've been harder. Was expecting a dark souls difficulty when I put it on Death March. I was playing on Death March and it was really hard early game then I switched to Broken Bones and back to DM when I got the hang of it and the game became easier.

Now I gotta just appreciate the music just literally insane music that made me have goosebumps and sometimes made me teary. ( the music from Skellige with the lady singing was just amazing) That paired with no HUD and just looking around the world with the game breaking feature of just pressing one button (SHIFT) and just admiring the world while travelling to somewhere is just amazing and most of all immersive.

And now i'm gonna talk about immersion and I gotta say that this is the first SP game that I put a headset on. And I just saw a different world with a headset on then without. I don't know if I will feel like this in Skyrim for example with a headset on but still gotta appreciate this games sounds. I absolutely love the tavern music that plays. Sadly it's mostly on while playing Gwent which I do not play. Also another big impact the sounds had was in Novigrad with listening you can feel that there are hundreds of people in the town.


That brings me to the other thing I wanna mention and that's the amount of people in Novigrad and Oxenfurt and other cities even villages. Now of course I played on the Background Characters setting on Ultra. My FPS did take a great hit I presume because it does load a lot more entities than on for example low. And what I love in a game is having an alive world. Aka having more people in citys and more people in villages. Them having different conversations. The sounds of people talking in the background.

And to my final point because if I continue it's gonna take 3 more days to right everything. Are the side quests. I am a complete lover when it comes to side quests and finishing them before the main quest. It took me 80 hours to complete the game and that is because of the side quests I think and the witcher bounties (which I also count as side quests) And the fact that all of the side quests (with some exceptions) were all with a huge story and actually made you think and question your morals about which choice to do. After a lot of side quests I was just lying on my bed thinking about what to choose. Then going on Youtube and finding other peoples thoughts what will happen if I choose option A or B etc. For most of my playthrough I tried to do it the "Geralt way" because after he is not a character I created.

And finally I wanna say that this is game for me is a linear game. I know people will be angry if they read this (which probably won't because it is too long) but that is just what I think. There are too much level capped zones and if you compare it to Skyrim for example you see a huge difference in the open worldness and the freedomness of choice. In Skyrim you can just go to a completely different place than usual meanwhile in Witcher there is a LVL cap that doesn't let you go there. For example you wanna go to Skellige well to bad you would get shit stomped because everybody is outleveling you. And I also was very angry when I find side quests not being able to do because there is a LVL cap and I had to progress through the main quest to get EXP to do the side quest. Which brings me to my next point that the main quests give too much EXP. Just way too much. When I started doing the main quest I jumped from lvl 22 to lvl 30 in an hour of two of playing I think.

And that is what I think. Thank you for reading if you got through my whole "review" so to say. Have a good day.

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