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The director already said we will be getting more Witcher. But it wont be Geralt, his story is done.

So I wanted to throw my 2 cents when it comes to ideas.

– The Conjunction of the Spheres ….. the early years

Throughout the Witcher games (1,2 and especially 3) Geralt mentions mutiple times how "lively" things were back then.

Geralt says multiple times how there are less and less monsters that need killing. How rare witcher work is etc ….

Vesimir also talks about how much more monsters and contracts there were when he first set out on his path.

I thinks its best of the new witcher game was set around the time when the witcher schools were formed! Where monsters, curses and magic run rampant.

– A totaly NEW character that we play as.

Maybe we create our own character ? Or you you make 2 characters (1 male and 1 female) and we chose at the start as who we are going to play as. Either one is fine.

– The setting. The start of the game.

We start in one of the witcher schhols before we undertake the trials before we set out on our path. You know bring our medalion to absorb the elements and then we undergo the mutations….

But before that we are a normal human kid, we have some friends. They talk about the training, studying and the trials.

One of our friends is hyped for the witcher life and is fully ready mentally ready for the trials. The other friends is worried about them, on how he might die during them because only 3 out 10 people survive the mutations.

Here you can go in every direction as a writer. Maybe the Worried friends survives but the Brave friends dies during the trials of grass. Or both die ? or both survive ? It can be set as anything.


This setting, the start of the game, these 1 or 2 hrs of the game should focus on character development, not only to serve as a tutorial section.

Maybe a Veteran witcher tests our knowledge and ask's us various question like "How to deal with X monster", "How to differentiate a ghoul from and alghoul" etc ….. This can serve as a good tutorial for the bestiary.

Then we can have a class about bombs , potions and witcher signs. Which again can serve as a good tutorial.

Then sword training. Standart combat tutorial.

In-between these turorials we can have conversations with other characters, our friends and veteran witchers.

Untill its time for us to take the trials.

– Our Path

We should get more skills, perks etc …. a full overhaul of the current Witcher 3 skill system. More panth taht we can take.

Do we focus and invest in more Witcher Signs ? Or Sword combat ? Or bombs and potions and oils ?

You an make it so that, for example : our character hate being a withcher. He never chose this life etc …. so part way through the game we learn some none witcher fighting systems. Maybe we get to learn real, normal magic , as in not witcher sign. Or we have the option to focus on ranged combat as in bows and crossbows. Maybe create new gadgets ?

Maybe we can become a rune crafter ? Endless possibilities.

Our maybe our character is fully dedicate to the witcher path and we get somekind of a new witcher system ? Or something like that

All in all I truest CD Project Red. No matter what they do, I fully support it.

This post was just me throwing out some ideas. Nothing more.

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