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Geralt and Yennefer are the first and only romance couple in a game I ever actually enjoyed

TheWitcher1 - Geralt and Yennefer are the first and only romance couple in a game I ever actually enjoyed

Disclaimer: I haven't played Dragon Age (although I wasn't crazy about Mass Effect's romance so if it's similar to that, I probably wouldn't enjoy it) and I've only played one JRPG in my life and it was Nier Automata. I mainly only enjoy western story based games. Also when it comes to open ended games, I've only had heterosexual relationships as both a man and woman.

I've usually hated romance in games. Be they RPG's or story based games, they have always felt either very fake to me or very predictable. A lot of the relationships I've seen are usually too perfect for me to fully enjoy. With linear games, it becomes a case of "well of course he/she got that girl/guy" type of situation because the movies I saw as a kid mainly involved a badass male protagonist and a physically attractive leading lady who just have to hook up therefore these games must follow that same formula. This was really my issue with the Mass Effect games because the romance system just felt so unrealistic. Bioware's romance systems always felt like they could just be summed up as "agree with the person on everything and help them on everything and you will inevitably romance them." All this on top of the fact that I never actually cared that much about Shepard as an individual because he/she just felt like a conduit for me to speak through. Add in the fact that when you romance more than one person, it leads to a ridiculously unrealistic case of the two persons politely asking Shepard who he/she loves more which is a stark contrast to what happens if you try to romance both Triss and Yennefer.


This is why I enjoyed Geralt and Yennefer so much: they argued and actively got pissed off at each other without ever actually having their relationship fall apart. Yennefer gets annoyed with Geralt when Geralt acts too much like a naive Witcher who tries to distant himself from wider conflicts. Geralt tries to be calming (usually failing) whenever Yennefer gets ferociously pissed at someone who is being inconvenient towards her (like the Skelligers were). They are both badasses in their own ways and that leads to some inevitable clashing between them but they always end up coming back to each other. That just made it feel more real to me.

I think this is why I never went with Triss in the Witcher 3 because I thought she was almost too agreeing with Geralt and I just didn't find her personality as fitting with Geralt. Almost like I thought Triss deserved better than Geralt (this is not a insult to Geralt, he genuinely might be my favorite protagonist in gaming) because she's too nice. I just thought their personalities didn't fit each other as well. Ciri being more connected to Yen didn't hurt either. Sorry Triss fans.

With Geralt and Yen, it could basically be summed up as "you literally deserve each other, both in a good and a bad way." That's why I enjoyed every situation where the two of them were in the same room together.

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