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Going with Books Knowledge Into The Games

TheWitcher3 - Going with Books Knowledge Into The Games

Having devoured all of the books (currently on Season of Storms) in about five weeks, I have begun watching playthroughs of the first two games. I have played all three before and want to go through the first two games (which I am not keen on playing myself again) before going with full background knowledge into Witcher 3.

This is regarding the first Witcher. It's astonishing and stupid beyond reason that absolute no one tells Geralt of Yennefer or Ciri and that he first hears Ciri's story from a random innkeeper in Chapter IV. The very first thing I would have expected from people like Zoltan, Dandelion or Triss to have said when they see Geralt (whose death they have all witnessed) is: Where is Ciri? What about Yennefer? Yet no one even so much as mentions them. Not even the witchers (also, where tf did this Leo guy come from, by the way). To me, only Triss might have a somewhat understandable reason to not tell Geralt any of this (she even says something along the lines of "don't bother about the past right now" while in Kaer Morhen) because she wants him for herself now that Yennefer is conveniently out of the picture, though this cruelly twists Triss' book/actual character from someone understanding of Geralt and Yennefer's deep bond into a vindictive bitch. Sorry for the expression. This also unfairly puts characters like Zoltan and Dandelion into bad light, especially when they something like "do you love Triss?".

The worst of all is this random Alvin kid because he is a bad and unnecessary knock-off of Ciri.

  • First: his magic abilities. There is no issue with him being a source, but Triss somehow concludes that he also has the Elder Blood. That makes no sense at all. Does she think that based on his random prophetic outbursts/trances/whatever (which are reminiscent of Ciri) or what? This statement completely disregard the genetics involved and the intricate lineage of Lara Dorren and her gene; given that, how would this kid have the Elder Blood? Is he some royal? It's not explained and just randomly thrown in to create a needless similarity with Ciri.
  • Second: the way the game implies that Geralt can just have a new family with Triss (or even Shani?) and Alvin. Yennefer and Ciri are basically replaced by Triss and Alvin. The book saga is about the unlikely family and their struggles, and to simply replace the original characters and fill their role with two others is unfitting and inappropriate. In the game, Triss wants commitment from Geralt and urges him to spend time with Alvin (who is completely unlikeable to me). Thus, the coming together of this "family" feels forced. I'm not sure how this all goes down if the player chooses Shani over Triss (which makes even less sense to me, given that Shani with Geralt appears in like two chapters of Blood of Elves).
  • Third: minor stuff where details of Ciri are just incorporated into this Alvin character; an NPC saying that Alvin should either be trained as a witcher or study in the Temple of Melitele in Ellander; Alvin's persistence of wanting to become a witcher; stuff like that makes me angry. Same goes for Triss when she gets a Yennefer line (e.g. "there is nothing more pathetic than a sorceress weeping").
  • Alvin really could have served as a way for remembering Ciri so that the regaining of his memory would actually take place within the games (the main chunks of memories come back to him between the games, after all). But no.

IIRC, the reason that neither Ciri or Yennefer are in the game (or the second) is that the developers thought those characters are too complex to tackle, which is fair. But to then just go ahead and rip off traits/details of their characters and putting an existing and a new character into that role is kinda disrespectul to the source material. It would have been better to have story like Season of Storms, which does not (as far as I have read) involve those characters. I might have even tolerated the forced "family", if at least Geralt's reunion with his friends was realistic.

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