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(Guide) How to complete Get Junior and Gangs of Novigrad without any failed objectives

TheWitcher3 - (Guide) How to complete Get Junior and Gangs of Novigrad without any failed objectives
  1. Don't pursue Dijkstra about Dandelion.

  2. Infiltrate the casino peacefully.

  3. Play gwent and accept the guy's offer to play high stakes.

  4. Free Rico the dwarf.

  5. Continue the quest and kill everyone in the building.

  6. Ask Cleaver for his help, then choose the option that let's you refuse.

  7. Use Zdenek's contract to infiltrate the arena peacefully.

  8. Tell Igor you're a witcher.

  9. Defeat all the people and monsters in the arena.

  10. Kill everyone when Cleaver's men break in.

  11. Find the secret stash with notes tying Whoreson to Radovid.

  12. Leave the arena.

  13. Start Gangs of Novigrad by asking Cleaver for help.

  14. Even though you cleared the casino, the dwarves will be waiting outside. As soon as you enter the empty building the quest will update.

  15. Return to Cleaver. He'll give you half the reward, since you didn't accompany his dwarves to the arena.

  16. Go to Whoreson's hideout, then ask Djikstra about Whoreson's ties with Redania (Rico will have told you about it).

  17. Visit Vernon Roche.

  18. Infiltrate Whoreson's house peacefully without aggravating the guards. Since you didn't accompany Cleaver's men to the arena, they'll tell you about a secret entrance.

  19. Find the secret room with enhanced feline trousers.

  20. Continue the quest as you would normally.


This is what I did to complete both quests without any red marks. I couldn't find any definite guide before I started the quests, so I made multiple saves to reload. If you do both quests this way, you can go about it without Cleaver's men which is much more interesting. And, you can get to both secret rooms, which have interesting loot. Hope this helps anyone who's having trouble with it.

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