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Honestly… Witcher 1 > Witcher 2

TheWitcher1 - Honestly... Witcher 1 > Witcher 2

Honestly, everyone always talks about how The Witcher games got better with each release, but in my opinion, The Witcher 1 was the better over all game than The Witcher 2. I think the reason why Witcher 2 gets so much praise is because of the graphical capabilities for the time. But when you look past that, and really look at the nitty gritty at both games, in my opinion, there’s just more to TW1 than there is to TW2. Not to mention there are some bone headed designs for TW2 that I can’t stand.

The Witcher 1 is a much bigger game. It feels much more open world the TW2. There are many more side quest in TW1 that not to mention have CDPR’s signature quality writing. There are allot more monsters in The Witcher 1 with allot more Witcher-like activities that revolve around hunting or killing monsters. There are barely even a dozen monsters in TW2. The main story between the 2 games I would say is about equal, with TW2 being maybe a tad better since there are 2 complete paths which insures replayablity. But then in TW2 I don’t like how they railroad to choose a side. I loved how in TW1 you could be neutral but in TW2 you have to fight for one side or the other, no matter what. Sure you could say “I’m only fighting for you to get what I need” but you’re still choosing a side. It would have been cool to have a completely neutral path.

Now the big one I know people are going to bring up is the combat. Now although I agree the learning curve in TW1 is steep, I personally found allot of enjoyment out of it. I loved the different fighting styles, and how Geralt could take out a huge group of enemies with group style and how you can finish a huge group with one big whoosh and feel like a total badass ninja. The combat in TW2 is more agreeable to today’s standards, and I understand how people may enjoy 2’s combat over 1’s. But to me 2’s combat just feels like a more dumbed down version of 3’s (which to be fair it is since it was like the prototype to future Witcher game combat). The problem I have with 2’s combat is that they wanted to go a more mainstream route but they didn’t add the typical mechanics to live action combat that it needed, like proper lock on and targeting. It’s still fun though once you get the hang of it so I would honestly say that both games combat has plus and negatives so I would say that the games are equal in the combat department.

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Then there are things that just drive me mad in TW2. Like how you have to sit to even drink a potion. Or how during a cutscene with an enemy Geralt will put away his sword and then when the cutscene ends you’ll have to rearm yourself while the enemy gets to have a couple free shots on you. On dark difficulty that could mean life or death. Or how monsters were just basically an afterthought. There’s less than a dozen monsters in the entire game and allot of them aren’t even classified correct, like a Bruxae being classified as a fucking wraith for Christ sake. Most of the potions and oils are also pretty pointless as well as the entirety alchemy path (with how little talent points you get). And the fact that you have to waste your first 6 points on a “training” skill tree, why not just implement those to the paths you want to go down. There’s just a lot of questionable decision in TW2.

All in all I think al 3 games are amazing. TW2 is still an amazing game (I have 400 hours logged into it). This is just my opinion on why I think that as a Witcher game it is the weakest entry. Weakest entry doesn’t mean bad though, it just means I think the other 2 are better. Thoughts?

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