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How to get a decent Axe (secondary weapon) early on in the game?

TheWitcher5 - How to get a decent Axe (secondary weapon) early on in the game?

First off, I'm aware that secondary weapons aren't typically used (opposed to steel sword), and that I should just sell them.

From what I've read on different forums, an Axe is usually outclassed by a variety of steel swords, especially later on in the game. I've also read that some Axes can be fairly good in early game.

I've messed with the movesets a bit on different secondary weapons and I'm OK with the movesets. Mainly, I would just like to switch things up a bit by using an Axe while I'm still early game (just for fun).

I'm currently level 5 in Velen.

Main question: where or how can I obtain a decent axe? I've seen some Axes at blacksmiths I could buy… other than that, would I just need to obtain one by looting or RNG drops (probably terrible axes will drop from bandits)?

I have my eyes on a Dwarven Axe from a blacksmith in Oxenfurt. Only thing is, it requires being level 11. By the time I'm level 11, would that still be "early game"? Considering I'm probably going to do a lot of side quests and points of interest before proceeding the story.

TL;DR: How do I get a decent axe around level 5+?

P.S. I dont know how blacksmith's stock works… if I wait too long to buy the Dwarven Axe will he reset/rotate stock? Or should I just buy it now?


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