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As you, probably know, TW3 is getting a next gen update soon, so here's my wishlist for this upcoming enhanced version. It is mostly a "dream" whishlist though, the update will likely consist of improved graphics and small quality of life improvements.

Make movement more responsive. There's a whole system adapting Geralt's path and animations to his momentum. If you're walking fast, running or sprinting, turning will result in a proportionally curved trajectory, rather than an immediate turn. This, while looking good, makes movement inconsistent and irresponsive at times, especially in tight spaces.

Revamp riding. Make it so Roach doesn't get stuck on little bits of environnement (as some mods already do successfully), and add a manual toggle on the inconsistent "follow road" functionality. Also, remove the stamina system. Clumsily trying to block your opponents while you recover your stamina makes races neither fun nor skillful. Instead, they could base riding on speed and maneuverability, like in mount and blade: the faster you go, the slower you turn. You would have to constantly adapt your speed to optimize your trajectory. Throw in some obstacles and you've got a pretty fun and robust race system.

Rebalance difficulty. Have the game get harder and harder instead of the opposite. This could be achieved by speeding up high level ennemies' animations, expand their arsenal of attacks, and just having more of them, rather than by boosting their stats.

Hold the player's hand less. Objectives on the map are a missed opportunity in my opinion, it makes us follow a trail on the minimap rather than look at the beautiful world they've designed. In Assassin's creed Odyssey, quest givers tell you what you are looking for and where to search. Then, you have to go and look for it by yourself. It's not perfect in AC:O because of other systems they have (your eagle will do all the work for you), but I think it could be great in TW3.

TW2 choices consequences. Seeing Saskia again, or at least Iorveth, to hear what have become of High-Aedirn and to use the Philippa's dagger to free Saskia would be great. Also it would be awesome if sparing Aryen La Valette and/or saving Foltest's daughter had consequences on the fate of Temeria.


More nuanced Skellig succesion quest. As is, I find the game has a strong bias towards Cerrys. Hjalmar's impulsiveness felt more like stupidity, and if that was intended, they have to give flaws to Cerrys as well if they want the choice between the two to be interesting. Cerrys' ending felt weird also: having skelligers become peacefull farmers under her wise rule really didn't feel realistic to me.

Extend Tir na Lia chapter. Make the trip to the wild hunt's world longer and more open, like the fairytale land in Blood and Wine. This would be a great opportunity to give some exposition about the An elles and their imminent doom. Let us see the impact of the white frost on them, to build up Eredin as a nuanced villain fighting for the survival of his race, and the white frost as a great and tangible danger. Maybe give us a hint at the way to defeat it too, so it doesn't come out of nowhere when Ciri does it. Extending Gael's quest would be nice too, as it could make his betrayal more believable. Maybe have the player investigate the King's murder and find actual proof. Or confront Eredin and have him confess his crime infront of Gael. There is so much potential to explore in this part of the game !

Give Eredin more room. Eredin pales in comparison to Letho as a main protagonist. You barely interact with him, yet there's a lot to explore with his character. His understandable motives, his willingness to do anything to save his people, his fear of death, the fact Geralt was a rider of the Wild Hunt for a time, and that he managed to escape… Meeting him multiple times in the game would not only allow for awesome dialogues, but also make him a more tangible threat. Maybe even have us fight him in his spectral form mid game, to build up the actual fight at the end, as they did with Letho in TW2.

So, do you agree with theses? And what would you ask for if anything was possible ?

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