The Witcher

I am very clearly missing something about the combat. Help.

TheWitcher3 - I am very clearly missing something about the combat. Help.

I'm currently level 10 toward what I imagine is the end of the bloody baron questline, I have the best weapons/armor I can find (
5u389ej - I am very clearly missing something about the combat. Help.

inventory screenshot if this helps anything), I have the difficulty set to JUST THE STORY because I was getting destroyed by everything which is sad by itself, and I'm getting absolutely blasted by "bigger" monsters. I'm surviving most but I'm having to cheese the hell out of some bosses like hitting a bunch then kiting while I heal.

I have to be doing something incredibly wrong. The game can't possibly be as frustrating as it seems.

  • When I go in for a hit, I get hit. I seem to just trade swings with almost everything, even small monsters but they don't take huge chunks of my hp in one hit like bosses do. I trade hits with drowners or wolves or whatever then I meditate for an hour, rinse and repeat.
  • The flourishing spinny bullshit he does constantly is getting me hit all the time. I don't even use strong attacks because of how slow they are and have put 5 points in quick attack. Generally when I encounter a monster in the field, by the time he pulls his sword I've already taken a hit because he does it so slowly. Now when I see them I have to back up a little just to take my weapon out then turn around to engage again.
  • I upgraded Igni (until flamethrower variant which seems like it was a complete waste of points) and it does almost nothing to anything but small mobs. Aard does nothing except push them out of my range. Quen is nice but big enemies blow it to pieces instantly and I've all but stopped trying it.
  • I can't find any better equipment. I've gone through literally hundreds of weapons and armor pieces and they're all crap. Like 30-50 less damage/armor crap. Also looking at the stats under just the armor/damage, they're just all worse. All gear slotted with whatever I have, always repaired.
  • I can dodge all day, but that doesn't make the thing die.
  • If I block more than one hit (sometimes just one) it staggers me and I just stand there like an idiot while things wail on me. You also can't interrupt your own attacks with blocks so I don't see a reason to do this anyway.
  • Crossbow does literally 1 damage to almost everything, not that I want to spend my days spamming a crossbow anyway.
  • I'm not good at the timed parries vs anything but human enemies. I don't know how important that is.
  • I'm not skipping side quests, in fact they're almost all I'm doing though it seems like you don't level very often (not sure if difficulty level changes how much exp you get). I'm currently 25 hours in.

People say the combat is too easy even on the hardest difficulty, and I've played a lot of dark souls, arkham everything etc. Getting my ass kicked. I'm level 10, ran into a level 12 nightwraith (bestiary said they're strongest at night, meditated til day and it was a noonwraith who hit just as hard???), oiled my blade for wraith damage, drank a potion, trapped it with Yrden to make it solid, and it was taking 30-40% of my health per hit. I had to keep running out of its range, drinking a few waters to get my hp back then running in again. I probably had to do this 7-10 times before it died. I only beat it because it wouldn't chase me outside of the little area it was guarding.


I saw something about the griffin armor being OP and I already have the plans for that so maybe I just need to craft it, but it feels like I shouldn't be crutching on "OP" items just to survive side quests on the lowest difficulty.

Any ideas? I'll answer whatever questions. It might be something super simple I just missed. I'm all for "gitting gud", but I'm not seeing what I'm doing wrong so I can't improve on it. I'm really trying to force the fun out at this point for the sake of the story, but that random wraith encounter really made me want to stop playing.

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