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I had heard HoS and B&W were good, but didn’t know they were this good

TheWitcher10 - I had heard HoS and B&W were good, but didn't know they were this good

Today I finished my 2nd playthrough of the game (in the first, I didn't have the DLCs) and oh my god the DLCs are just masterpieces.

There were so many unexpected things in blood and wine:

  • I was so surprised to find I had a property in Toussaint which was upgradeable and everything.
  • The question marks on the map, the undiscovered areas were much more interesting and challenging whereas they got a bit tedious in the main game. There are forts that need captured where you have like 40 bandits and it's quite fun to clear them out.
  • And my god Toussaint is beautiful. I had only seen a few screenshots before, but you can only properly experience it by being there.
  • One of my favorite parts was of the cursed wight. The whole atmosphere at her manor, spoons everywhere, the curse, its possible connection to G.O.D, it is mind blowing. I loved that I was able to lift her curse and have her stay at Geralt's home.
  • All the secondary quests were so interesting and fun. The one with the ghost of couples bickering, the Vivienne quest, I chose the egg ending, but later found that there is also an ending where they both end up happy. But I was not too sad about not choosing that since I found the guy a bit too clingy.
  • Now while I went for the option to free Syanna, but I found out that if you choose to talk to the unseen elder you have to go to Orianna first. And as you're leaving Orianna she sings the song that plays in the "a night to remember" trailer and also plays in the menu. And Geralt tells her "You know I'll come back for you". That was amazing. Everything Geralt does in the trailer pretty much you can do in game, drink black blood, moon dust grenade and your good old silver sword. You know with most games you see the trailer and you think you wish you could do that in game. Well in this game you can. Maybe it's not as cinematic, but still.
  • And one big thing different and surprising in Toussaint was that Geralt was actually respected there. Unlike velen/novigrad/skeillege people recognized him and treated him respectfully in most of the cases. That felt nice. I use to hear comments that blood and wine is a fitting end to Geralt's story. And now that Geralt had a home, in a country where people respected him, with his loved ones by his side, I understood what they meant.
  • I loved the character of Anna henrietta. She has nerves of steel and quick to anger even more so than Yen. Yet she doesn't let it overpower her logic completely all the time. She gives Geralt the chance to pacify Detlaff without killing him even though he had murdered 4 of her knights. The voice actor did an impeccable job.
  • The quest for the sword Aerondight was pretty cool. I loved the sword. Iris and Aerondight remained my swords throughout the rest of the game. Both carrying a fair bit of history.
  • The grandmaster armors, were pretty expensive, but I managed to get the wolf one. I kind of wished the grandmaster armorer/blacksmith guy had a bit more character development like Hattori and Yoanna but it's okay. The quests to get the armors were nice though, a bit more challenging than the mastercrafted ones.

And Hearts of Stone. This DLC is so much fun and sad both:

  • The Ofieri mage. He was quite challenging. I struggled killing him since I was only lvl28 i think. (hadn't finished main story yet)
  • The 3rd wish. The best part of this DLC for me. The whole mansion, the caretaker (one of the most terrifying monsters), The cat and the dog just set up the atmosphere perfectly. And step by step you know the whole story about Olgierd and his wife and his deal with the devil and it is presented so amazingly well in the game. I chose to have her not exist anymore.
  • The spectre of his wife was horrifying. They seemed to continue with that model for other monster like banshee (they spelled it something else i dont remember) and everytime it made me jump lol.
  • Vlodmir's night of fun. That was unexpected and amazing.
  • Gaunter O Dimm. One of the most scary and most powerful characters in the whole game.
  • That goddamn runestone guy. Fucker nabbed 30000 from me.
  • The final maze by Master mirror. It was pretty cool. Well it was a game and I could save and load, but otherwise I wouldn't dare interrupt someone like him absorbing Olgeird's soul and risking god knows what terrors. Got the sword Iris, which was pretty useful. Used it til the end.

Ah and the good old main story. Good stuff. Great stuff. Got that SOB radovid this time. Didn't partake in the assassination plot last time because I thought hey I'm a witcher, gotta be neutral. Paid more attention to how batshit he was this time. Anyway had a blast playing the main story again. Good old Papa Vesemir. So sad he had to go. Never visited Kaer Morhen once after that. It just feels so sad.

Ah damn it. Been playing this game since 3-4 weeks now. And now it's over. I even found out this

exists. There is a hole in my heart now. And I have to just wait for the Netflix series or Cyberpunk.

Sorry for such a long rant. I had to share it with someone. Who better than you people.

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