The Witcher

I just played through the main game…and I want to share my thoughts

TheWitcher3 - I just played through the main game...and I want to share my thoughts

The past couple of weeks I played through the games 1 and 2 and read the 2 prequels to the core books.

Initially I wanted to postbone my Witcher 3 playthrough until I finished the remaining books…but the download already started and here I am.

First off, I enjoy the whole atmosphere, world and general feel of the game. It captures the war, the witch hunt and the sadness of the people very well. I love playing sidequests, contracts and even GWENT, although I am still sad, that they cut dice poker completely. The only thing, that really bothered me was how stubborn Roach can be, when you are just riding through the fields.

Now to the mainplot of the game. I already know from the books, that Ciri is like a daughter to Geralt and Yennefer. This is something precious as neither of them can produce offspring, which hurts their relationship. So I am completely fine with how the search for her is presented. The prologue and White Orchard section is short, but on point. I enjoyed this to get used to the mechanics. Kind of like a test chamber, before tackling the real world.

I enjoyed the mainquest in Velen and Novigrad. Bloody Baron and the bosses of the underworld in the free city are pretty amazing in my opinion. Skellige was fine, but only because of "The Last Wish" and because I chose Yennefer over Triss. This is the first thing I did not like: The game locks one lover in before you actually meet the other. Sure you get to see the bitching Yennefer in the prologue, but that does not show her love for Ciri or Geralt.

The Uma-plot seemed kind of random to me, but made sense with the flashbacks. Things were kind of obvious here though. Uma was never going to be Ciri and later Ciri was never going to die in that shed on the Isle of Mists. I also do not like Avallac'h as a character. I never fully trusted him because he kept his intentions secret for no reason. But before the final battle at Kaer Morhen, I had to gather forces. This was pretty enjoyable and "backtracking" done right, in my opinion. The battle was fine, nothing too fancy. Although kind of weird, that a bunch of guys can hold off an attack of a whole army, but fine. Vesemirs death was okay and Ciris rage afterwards was fitting, as I already knew about the power of the elder blood from the books. However, I did not enjoy that this supposed final battle would lead into act III and the worst part of the game.


First I randomly kill 2 of the witches and one of the Wild Hunt general, while he is having fun with some sukkubi. The only reason stated, why he is there is because he got invited and would probably be drunk too. I can see why the witches are there and their whole ritual, but Imlerith? Why? Then I get to rescue witches, who I know are evil, but I will need their help, somehow? Why do I suddenly need more forces to threaten the Wild Hunt, when we take out 2 of their generals alone? One with reasoning and the other because he was drunk? Heck, we also get the whole Skellige and parts of the Nilfgaard army to aid us against the Wild Hunt. And Avallac'h basically becomes a joke at this point. I break into his lab and he still does not tell me about his intentions with Ciri. I cannot come up with a reason for this, other then to ensure a mindblowing reveal at the very end. The battle itself is pretty boring compared to the one at Kaer Morhen. The Wild Hunt itself is pretty laughable to be honest. Just some angry elves from another timeline and they are not even a real threat anymore. After that it is revealed, that your dialogue options with Ciri effect the epilogue. I checked the important choices and some of the "false" ones are just as good or as reasonable as the "right" ones. Leaving me with an ending, that I did not enjoy and one that did not fit my decisions at all. It also leaves all of the other main characters alone, so I do not have a clue what happens to them after Ciris and Geralts death. What about Yennefer, Triss, Dandelion and Zoltan? Never mentioned or seen again. To me act III just feels like it should not have been there in the first place. Like someone thought it would be cool, if there was a "But wait, there is more"-moment after the final battle.

To sum this up: I enjoy playing the game. I'd usually play for 8-12 hours and then get food or some sleep and then play again after I wake up. I have some problems with the gameplay though. Geralts "in-combat"-movement is slow as shit and you are better off just rolling to the archer, that shot you for 5 minutes. Yes, I know you can sprint, but that leaves you with less stamina for signs. The minimap is a mess at times. You can't see if it is a plain field or some mountain. The navigation tool rarely works. Sometimes sending me in the opposite direction. Roach cant stay on path and randomly stops at full speed. I am looking forward to playing both of the DLC, because I hope they are as good as the bloody baron mainquest or as some of the amazing sidequests.

Hopefully, someone reads this. Anyway, thanks and sorry for bad english, lel.

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