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I know this has been a topic of discussion before but I feel like expressing it here. Witcher 3 is a damn masterpiece.

TheWitcher3 - I know this has been a topic of discussion before but I feel like expressing it here. Witcher 3 is a damn masterpiece.

Where do I even start with this diamond. First, for some reason I've literally not met any person other than the fanbase itself that knows the game because people prefer to learn about fortnite and forget how much of a great game that is.Alright i'll start off with the main game itself and how Project R3D has become my favourite company.First, the DLCs and free patches.Literally, I can't even express how good some DLCs are, especially the Hearts of Stone one with Gaunter O' Dimm There is so much content in a dlc, that makes you feel like you're playing witcher again, with one dlc costing less than some other dlcs, and takes around 9+ hours to complete. The dlcs have SO MUCH CONTENT IN THEM AND IT'S JUST AWESOME HOW MUCH WORK IS PUT INTO THEM! It feels like a whole new adventure, offering so much stuff, at almost a cheap price. Literally, it's freaking awesome, and as for the free patches, the fact that they RELEASE PATCHES TO INCREASE THE LOOK OF GRAPHICS AND HOW SMOOTHER THE GAME IS IS FREAKING ADMIRING.I've spent around 600+ hours in this game and horry sheeeet, it's so awesome as you already know. I don't even regret buying this game AT ALL, nor the DLCS. It's by far the best deal i've had in games and I'm thankful for project r3d releasing this masterpiece of a game. As for the game and main story itself, damn. JUST DAMN. Every single character is so awesome to me, Dandellion and Lambert beeing my favourites in the main game, and the fact that the characters even meme is awesome. The soundtracks are masterpieces and pieces of art, I can't even describe how much I love songs like the Mandragora, and the battle themes, i just can't because they're so freaking awesome. It has spells, it has medieval things, it has the ability to choose options and speak, it has good graphics, it has an excellent story with excellent graphics and really cool and spooky things in a beautiful medieval world. And don't get me started on Gwent. Freaking Gwent. WHEN I FIRST SAW GWENT, I WAS THE HAPPIEST MAN ALIVE. ALL OF THIS PLUS A CARD GAME WITH MEDIEVAL THEME? I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH OF A MASTERPIECE THIS GAME TRULY IS. 10/10 And that's merely enough to describe how hyped and how much I love this game and Geralt.Thanks CD Project r3d, I freaking love you and your game, and you deserve all that money.Yes I know it's famous because it even became game of the year and people know of witcher but i've almost never seen people knowing it and instead know games like fortnite which AREN'T EVEN CLOSE TO THE AMOUNT OF ATMOSPHERE AND COOLNESS THIS GAME OFFERS.Just thanks cd project r3d, you deserve the best and thanks for showing this game to me and bringing me tons of hours of fun and enjoyment. You're the best and yes i know u wont ever read this sadly.

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