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I Loved Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone But I Couldn’t Get Into the Main Game For Some Reason

TheWitcher3 - I Loved Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone But I Couldn’t Get Into the Main Game For Some Reason

I bought the Witcher 3 GOTY edition for my PS4 having heard all of its glowing praise and how expansive the DLCs were. I played through the the full game as well as the DLCs and although I didn’t dislike the game I must say I found it very underwhelming apart from the odd questline and Hearts of Stone which I loved. I suspected that my lack of enjoyment may have had something to do with the crappy quality of the TV I played it on so when I did eventually have access to a better TV I decided to replay it.

The game did look significantly better the 2nd time around but it was more of the same: the odd questline which hooked me here and there but most of them almost put me to sleep. Once I finished it I decided I’d also give Blood and Wine another go for the heck of it.

Next thing I knew the following week of my life got completely consumed by the DLC; Every waking minute from start to finish of my Blood and Wine playthrough I was either completely engrossed in the game or thinking about playing it. It was then that I fully understood all the heaps of praise and borderline worship the game got. The game got me so invested into the characters, the story, the world and every single quest. It was so unbelievably well written and I truly felt that there were no real heroes or villains. The world was maybe the most detailed open world I had ever seen and it was just incredibly believable despite the pronounced art style.


I have a few guesses as to why I loved the DLCs but not the main game: – Most of the quests in the main game don’t progress the overarching story to do with Ciri which may have been the reason why they were a lot harder to get invested into – I didn’t care about the characters from the main game anywhere near as much as the characters from the DLCs because they were existing characters in the trilogy and I feel like you had to have played the prequels to give a damn about a lot of them (especially Dandelion and Zoltan who I couldn’t care less about) whereas the DLCs would do a much better job of introducing new characters because Geralt didn’t know who they were either. – The world was a step down from Toussaint for me because it looked bland in comparison and because the graphics just weren’t as good, not to mention all of the procedurally generated question marks. – I also felt that the story of the base game had pacing issues with the whole finding X who knows where Y is who knows where Z is who may or may not know where Ciri is.

For those of you in this sub who loved the main game as well as the DLCs, what do you think the main game did that made you love it in comparison with what the DLCs did? What else do you think could be why I didn’t enjoy the main game? Could I play it or approach it differently?

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